Library Haul 26-10-2019

Library Haul 26-10-2019

Evening all!

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Happy Saturday/Weekend to all, and welcome to a new Library Haul! Today I visited Library #2~

I had 9 reservations waiting for me, and 29 books to bring back again! I had fun walking to Library #2 today as it is located in a shopping area/mall and this time there were all sorts of Halloween things happening. Yep, Halloween is still not a major celebration here, but slowly there are more things to do not just for adults, but also for kids. My hubbie and I saw tons of kids and their parents in costumes getting stamps and candy. Apparently this evening there is a Halloween walk for anyone over 12 years with tons of scariness, and while I wish I could go I am just too tired.

The library was quite un-Halloweenish which was a shame, I would have loved to see decorations and scary books at every corner.

I went to all my favourite spots today, I didn’t feel up to checking every part of the library today with my headache/feeling tired. But those spots delivered plenty! My trolley got more and more filled at every spot. Picking up my reservations when I was done and I had to move things around a bit as it didn’t want to fit. 😛

Stats: 28 books (yes, I found almost as many books to bring home as I brought back to the library, teehee). 2 comic/GN, 3 magazines, 3 non-fiction, 8 picture books, 12 fiction.

NOTE: Many of these are not on Goodreads, I will add them to Goodreads when I read and I will update the list when I do.

Jij & Ik by ?
Ghost Game by Nigel Hinton
Paradise Now by Anouk Saleming
The Pain and the Great One by Judy Blume
De Berries by Annemarie van der Eem
Armadillo and Hare by Jeremy Strong
Geluk is een herinnering by Maarten Spanjer
Zwarte lieveling by Susanne Koster
Pogingen tot zomer by Janneke de Bijl
Zoo lang ik hoop te leven by Claudia Carli
Mijn naam is Jess Cooper en ik leef nog by Kate Alice Marshall
Vandaag is de laatste dag van de rest van je leven by Ulli Lust

Linda Meiden zomerboek by ?
National Geographic Junior by ?
National Geographic Junior by ?
Het zwarte kind by Olivier Vatine
Don’t Worry Little Crab by Chris Haughton
Rood vind ik het allermooist by Annemie Berebrouckx
Julian is een zeemeermin by Jessica Love
Verborgen beestjes by Martin Brown
De boekenbus by ?
Kijk, konijnen by Daphne Louter
Hoger! Hoger! by ?
Valentijn in de modder by Aag Vernelen, Ineke Goes
12 uur met Oscar by Eva Macekova
Iedereen telt by Kristin, Roskiete
Het hersenhotel by Marja Baseler, Annemarie van den Brink

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