Release Day Blitz ~ Wild Ride by Breezie Bennett

Release Day Blitz ~ Wild Ride by Breezie Bennett

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Wild Ride, Breezie Bennett, Blue, Pink Letters, Half-naked guy, Rugby

Welcome to a late (well, for me) Release Day Blitz for Wild Ride by Breezie Bennett! throws glitter and chocolates

For today’s party I got information on the book/author and sexy teasers.

I also want to wish the author a very happy Book Birthday, the day may be almost over here, but in the US there still a lot of day left, so enjoy it! Congratulations on your book releasing today!

Wild Ride, Half-naked Guy, Blue, Pink Letters, Rugby, Breezie Bennett

Wild Ride, Half-naked Guy, Blue, Pink Letters, Rugby, Breezie Bennett

A smoking hot wide receiver with a tattered reputation. A feisty tomboy with dreams of being a sports agent. Can he build his brand with a fake fiancée? Can she snag the promotion she desperately wants? Sure. If he can keep it in his pants and she can resist taking the ride of her life. Fall in love with Leo and Frankie as their romance slides from fake to forever.

I guess I’m in trouble for real now. At least that what my agent says. Just talking my way out of my latest PR shitshow isn’t going to cut it this time. He says the South Florida Riders fans need to believe I’m more than just a cocky wide receiver who throws Benjamins at strippers and breaks the hearts of innocent girls.
His brilliant plan to fix my image is to hook the perfect woman on my arm and convince the world I’m engaged to her. Only problem is, I definitely don’t have the perfect woman. As my agent puts it, I’ve been ‘too busy banging my way through NFL groupies to get serious.’ He’s not wrong.
But then he decides to hire his intriguing and annoyingly hot assistant to play the part…and all of a sudden his ideas don’t seem so dumb.

I know you, Leo Sterling. I know your type. I can predict your every move, on and off the field. And I want absolutely as little to do with you as possible.
I’m well aware that working for a sports agent will be a pain in the ass and that my dream of eventually becoming an agent myself will put me in very close quarters with unfathomably arrogant athletes like Leo. It’s par for the course with my career path, one I chose so that I can stay as close as possible to the one true love of my life—football.
So, when my boss tells me I have to be fake fiancée to this particularly infuriating and sexy player to keep my job, I have no choice. And it doesn’t exactly suck. Having a little weakness for athletes like Leo Sterling doesn’t make me pathetic, it makes me a normal human. And it definitely doesn’t mean I’ll fall for him.

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About the author:

Breezie Bennett has had her fingers on a keyboard since she was a middle-schooler writing sports romances about her brother’s baseball team. A graduate of the University of Florida, she is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, can dance on pointe, and has been known to shotgun a beer in 5.2 seconds. When not writing romance, you’l
find her on a Florida beach with her two dogs, Ginger and Rosemary, and a playlist full of Pink Floyd and Lil Wayne.

Find her here:    

Wild Ride, Half-naked Guy, Blue, Pink Letters, Rugby, Breezie Bennett

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