Review for All Cats Are Introverts

Review for All Cats Are Introverts

All Cats Are Introverts, Francesco Marciuliano, Blue, Cat, Plant, Poetry, FunnyI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

OMG, a brand-new Francesco Marciuliano! I just LOVE his books of poetry about cats (and dogs). Sure, his last book wasn’t for me, but this one was back to the books I love and of which I have a nice collection of on my shelves. This one will definitely join its friends when it is out. 🙂

Once again poems about cats! I just love how with some it could be about anything, but then the last sentences and you know it is about a cat (for instance the one which ends with the cat walking over a sandwich with mustard). But quite often you just instantly know it is about a cat. Talking about their tails, about murdering that bird just outside the window, the christmas ornaments (we all know cats LOVE those), hairballs, annoying owners and their habits that astound the cats, dogs and butting certain parts of humans and how dogs get away with and cats.. .well don’t, and more. It was a delight to read and then there were wonderful photographs of cats again. I was looking forward to those, I knew that Francesco Marciuliano wouldn’t disappoint.

The poetry is well written, it really flows, it contains humour, and it is all true. I don’t have a cat myself (allergic), but I have friends with cats either online or offline and believe me cats are really the way they are written here. 😛

Of course there is a theme, namely what the title says: cats are introverts and we see that pop up quite often in the poems. Cats hiding out in the toilet, or hiding in a blanket fortress, or not knowing how to introduce themselves. I could definitely relate to several of the things mentioned in here. And no, I am not a cat (at least not that I know).

I would highly recommend this funny cat book to everyone. I can’t wait for the next book by this author.

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