Review for Animals Reviewed

Review for Animals Reviewed

Animals Reviewed, Red Panda, Owl, Rhino, Snow Fox, Adorable, AnimalsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I spotted this book on Netgalley and was cautiously enthusiastic. Rate an animal? This could go two ways, fun and hilarious or fun at first and than bland. Then I started reading it, and I even pulled in my fiance because I laughed myself silly at the first page. We continued reading this whenever we had time that evening.

We encounter many animals that all live in the zoo there. From tiny creatures to big creatures there is a great variety of animals that get rated. Some even get a special title on top of their review. Some are written with more thought while others seem like a review from Amazon. The reviews were really funny and very spot-on. Plus, I am happy that there was a variety in the star-ratings. Every star-rating popped up. From very good 5 stars to not so good 1 star.

Since I was reading this on my ADE there were parts that just had text and then on the next page you would see the animal. I am guessing that in the paper version you would immediately see the animal, but that wasn’t always the case here. So my fiance and I had tons of fun guessing the animal based on the review. Often we knew within a sentence what the creature could be, other times we had to dig hard. 😛 It really added a fun factor to the book.

There was just one thing that was a nice add the first time, but became a bit less nice with each creature that is on the verge of extinction. I get it, they are dying out, do you need to mention it so many times? Couldn’t you have put a bit more creativity in it/another spin to it?

Plus points to the fun way the book ended. We hadn’t expected that but it fit perfectly.

All in all, looking for a funny book? Love animals? Love reviews? Try this one out. As for me, I am hoping there will be more books coming. I need more animal reviews!

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