Review for DC Super Hero Girls: At Metropolis High

Review for DC Super Hero Girls: At Metropolis High

I received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I will be writing this one as I read! Some come with me as I discover some new Super Hero Girls stories!

So, that begin threw me off completely. I am used to the one written by Shea Fontana. However in this one the baddies and the goodies are split up. I wasn’t expecting that when I requested this one. I had expected to see all my girls again in a brand-new adventure, however we start from the start with a battle between the girls. I do love Supergirl’s hair though, that is so kick-ass.
Oh, wait apparently they were just playing? Or something? is confused I guess it was just play given how the girls interact in school. Still a bit odd. But oh well. 😛

Then there is Lena and Lex. Bleh, Lex. I so don’t like him. I guess that makes him a good villain. Though also maybe not. 😛

I loved to see the girls find some new after-school activities, though I wonder why Supergirl is so against it. I am sure there is a bigger reason to it than just it getting in the way of defeating crime.
The clubs were a disappointment though, and I thought this was a superhero school? Or are these girls all here together in a human school (given what the girls tell Supergirl as she dashes past people). is even more confused and wonders if she should have read something before this

So our group of girls (Harley, Ivy and the rest) are truly evil? And are robbing banks just because they can? Um. I am so confused right now. So they (goodies/baddies) all get along in school (or at least mostly), but outside of it there is another story? Whut? Whut is going on here? I think I should just stick to Shea Fontana’s story.

Ohhh, I do love those rubber duckies and what they can do. While I am not a fan of Lena, this gives her a few bonus points in the like department.

The battle between the girls and Lena was very much fun, and I was also very happy for Supergirl. Yes, she may fail in basic everyday things, but she is still sweet and super.

Then there was one big thing I didn’t like. And this goes for the review copy, but it did annoy me so much, is that there is a HUGE watermark in the middle of the page. I get that you don’t want people to share your images, but this was just way too distracting.

The art was pretty OK-ish. Not always a fan of it, but in overall I did like the style.

All in all, I still had fun reading it though I was quite confused. I miss that our girls are barely interacting outside of their friend group, that is what I loved in the Shea Fontana series, everyone was together and no matter if they were going to be baddies or not they were friends. I won’t be continuing this series.

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