Review for Dear Justice League

Review for Dear Justice League

Gustavo Duarte, Michael Northrop, Dear Justice League, Yellow, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Batman, Superman, What kind of letter would you write to the Justice League?

I had my eyes on this graphic novel since forever and I finally FINALLY had the chance to read it. And boy it was just too much fun to read.

We see each of the Justice League superheroes get letters/mails and we see each of their responses to the mails but also see daily life or them kicking some mayor ass. I loved seeing all the various Justice League superheroes and how they went along with their days and how they acted. Each letter is for a different superheroes and so we get to meet each of them. I think one of my favourites was the Flash as I loved how he reacted to the letter and how sassy he was. My second favourite was definitely Wonder Woman. How sweet of her to just take time to go to birthday parties!

Plus, I loved that we got glimpses in the lives of these heroes. From a birthday party with too much cake to speed tickets for Superman to Cyborg having fun doing all sorts of things on his giant computers.

They came to life in this book, the way they were drawn, the way they talked and moved. It was amazingly done.

But there is also a main story that comes back in each of the chapters. Namely there are insect monsters that are making a mess of their world and it is up to the Justice League to save the world. I loved that this was added as it really bonded/connected the story together and gave it something extra.

The art was just freaking amazing. Really, I loved the style and loved how the characters were drawn. I definitely want to see what else this illustrator/artist has done, I want more.

All in all, definitely a big recommendation. This was just so much fun to read.

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