Review for The Drifting Classroom Vol.1

Review for The Drifting Classroom Vol.1

Drifting Classroom, Building, Red, Face, Green/Yellow, Kazuo Umezu, Shocked Face, Manga, HorrorWhat happens when an elementary school gets isekai-ed to a whole new and dangerous world?

I have heard so so much about this book. People saying how horrific it was, people telling it was great horror, and others. So for this Halloween, before it is over cries I wanted to give at least the first volume a shot. See if I would like it.

I wasn’t at first sure about the art, that is what made me struggle a bit, but after 2 chapters I started to love the style. It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t always pretty, but for some reason I liked it.

In this one it is seemingly a normal day for Sho, an elementary school boy. Well, with the exception of a big argument with his mom, which will haunt him for a long time after. He is late to school and hurries to get there. I think if he had known what was about to happen that he would have gone for his lunch money, just like his best friend did. But instead he made it in time, and just a bit after school starts… there is an earthquake and at first the kids and teachers think it is all OK, but then things hit the fan, and we see that the school is somewhere in a new world. With nothing around them but desert sand (or whatever that stuff is).

And so chaos happens. I was a bit shocked with how the teachers handled the kids. Sure, I can imagine that they may have been trampled (like that one teacher), but hitting kids? Threatening them with broken glass? Um, no. That is just bad in my book. Very bad. Sure, it helped… but come on.

I felt so sorry for the kids. These are elementary kids so they are around 6/7-12 years I am guessing. You could see them being scared, afraid, wanting their moms and dads. I was actually tearing up for these little ones. Not knowing if they ever would come home, if they would stay alive, if they ever see their moms/dads again.

I did like how the chapters were written. Nothing was rushed. We see how chaos starts, how teachers try to fix things, how Sho was told to lie and how the teachers took that over (though he wasn’t even far from the truth in some parts), and then things went truly south (OMG at that last panel on the 4th chapter, NOPE cringes).

All in all, this was pretty OK to read. A bit gruesome at times but I think the true gruesomeness is still to come. shivers Also I still have so many questions. What happened to the school? Why was it teleported there? Will the kids survive? Will they come home? What will happen next? I hope we get some answers in the next volume.

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