Review for How to Build Brick TV and Movie Cars

Review for How to Build Brick TV and Movie Cars

How to Build Brick TV and Movie Cars, Peter Blackert, Lego, Cars, Movies, TVI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist this one. My hubby and I love building with Lego, though we mostly use sets, not really building anything just from our imagination or by books. Still I had to try out this book and see what kind of cars would be featured and what kind of blocks you needed (answer, a lot).

I couldn’t build these sets, we don’t really have loose Lego lying around (and even if I had I wonder if I would have all the specific pieces the book requires) but still I can read this book and see what kind of cars we get and how you could build them, should you have blocks. One day I hope to make these cars, one day I hope I have some loose bricks lying around that are exactly those one needs.

The book is split up in various levels, we begin with easy and each car gets a bit harder.

I liked that with each car we got some information on the car itself, when it was used/which movie, how rare it was, specs, and more. Quite interesting to read even though reading this one on a computer screen in tiny font (because ADE) wasn’t always easy. My eyes would like a cuddle. 😛

The instruction on how to make each car are detailed and very clear. Though at times I was a bit confused but that may have to do with the quality of the pictures, it was a bit blurry… or it may be my eyes, they don’t like looking at the screen so long.

OH delighted to see Initial D in the mix! \o/

At the end we get what each car has to use, which I just loved as that means you can just go online and get the required materials.

All in all, this is one book I would love to add to my collection! And I definitely will. I would also recommend it to everyone. Even if you may not build them, it is interesting to read and fun to see how things get build.

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