Review for Majo no Ie: Ellen no Nikki Vol.1

Review for Majo no Ie: Ellen no Nikki Vol.1

The Witch's House: The Diary of Ellen, Majo no Ie: Ellen no Nikki, Girl, Purple Hair, Chair, Manga, Horror, FummyI wasn’t sure what to expect of this one, but wow, it was just amazing.

Another one of my: It is Halloween I need horror-manga. I came across this one thanks to a blog I am following. It looked interesting and so I, naturally, had to try it out.

Holy crap, this was creepy as hell. Meet Ellen, a girl who has a disease that causes her skin to shrivel up and it looks like she is burned. It hurts her a lot and she cannot walk too much or too far. She is pretty much reliant on help, however we see that her mom is getting tired of it. She acts all sweet and caring, but underneath I could see that she wanted to escape.

And so things go from OK (or well, as OK as it can be when one has a disease like the one Ellen has) to terrible. As one day her mom abandons her, her dad goes mad, and then crap hits the fan as Ellen snaps. And I mean she really snaps. Holy wow.

As things seem to go badly, she meets a cat.. and gets turned into a witch. Now you may think this sounds like a pretty nice deal, especially given the nice options that come with it. However… as the days and months pass by (and maybe even years given how distorted time was in that house) she finds out things about the house, and eventually… she finds out more about her purpose. What a witch really means. What will happen if she try to go away. I knew it. These things never go well. It is not the first time that someone is offered something that turns very dark and evil. So kids, don’t accept strange offers or contracts by things, monsters, or people. Unless you know 150% sure it is absolutely OK and safe.

She did try to convince herself that what she was doing was OK, that it wasn’t wrong, that she had to do it but took no pleasure in it. Well, dear Ellen, I don’t believe you. Especially not when you have that face that people in Higurashi have when they are mad and about to murder the hell out of you. Plus, the ways she did those things.. I am sorry I don’t believe in your excuse of that this is what the house/those beings want(s). But I can somehow understand why she does what she does. Yes, it is wrong, yes it is bad, yes it is horrible, but can anyone blame her given her body? Given her family? Given how she doesn’t have choice any more? Still, I don’t approve, but I can understand it a bit.

There is tons of gore and the facial expressions are just the best. Really remind me of Higurashi.

I loved how it went from NOPE to OK to OH SNAP to OHHHHH NOOOEEEEESS to OH HELL this girl is mental. 😛 It was really nicely done.

All in all, oh boy I need the next book. And I definitely want to see if I can get the game.

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