Review for Monsters Are Afraid of Babies

Review for Monsters Are Afraid of Babies

Monsters Are Afraid of Babies, Nicholas Tana, Blue, Monsters, Night, Bed, Bedroom, Boy, Girl, Picture BookI received this picture book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

I just love stories like this about bedtime monsters and how you can beat the monsters. Generally the books are how you should conquer your fear, or become friends with monsters as they aren’t too bad after all, but in this one it has a new way to deal with monsters!

Namely, our MC’s little baby sister. Monsters don’t like babies, and we find out in hilarious illustrations why monsters don’t like those little ones. Why they are afraid, why they cry, why they run. I had such a laugh seeing the monsters reactions to all the little baby did. From just rolling around to having a very stinky diaper, monsters really don’t like babies. Though are they that different from a baby? 😛

I loved the designs of the monsters they were just so spoopy and colourful. I wouldn’t be afraid of those monsters, I would want to hug them. Be friends with them.

I thought this book was just adorable. Not only because it deals with fears for monsters and what lurks in the dark, but also because it is about sibling love. It shows that even if your sister may be a tad eww she does have something special. Something that brings safety and happiness. We all know that often siblings bicker and argue, so to see these two so close together was warmth and happiness.

All in all, a sweet spoopy book about fears and siblings, I had fun reading it and I would recommend it to all.

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