Review for Otogibanashi Battle Royale Vol.1 + Vol.2

Review for Otogibanashi Battle Royale Vol.1 + Vol.2

Soraho Ina, Otogibanashi Battle Royale, Red, Swords, Alice in Wonderland, Book, Horror, MangaOh my goodness! Follow Aoba when, after she made a wish, she gets pulled into very dark fairy tales.

I had heard of this series before and now, when it is Halloween horror month, it was high time to try it out. I read the first two volumes in a snap, they were both just that good. In the first one the world of fairy tales in which our characters get pulled is scary, but it will get scarier. And more horrific. I am kind of looking forward to the next volumes. What will happen in those?

I wrote a short-ish review per volume.

Volume 1: Fairy tales x horror x murder? Uhm, sign me up! When Aoba makes a wish on a contract (kids, never do that without knowing for sure it is safe) to have friends instead of people bullying her, her wish comes true… but then she gets sucked into a dark dark place.. Alice in Wonderland but now with dead roaming around. And that is not the only fairy tale, we also meet Noah who got sucked in a fable. It was quite interested to seem them traverse through the lands, getting in other fairy tales/fables and meeting Red Riding Hood (though this time with a black hood and a big gun). I did feel sorry for the kids. They get dumped into a scary place, have an empty book that apparently needs to be filled, and have no clue what is going on. I am guessing that they have to fix those stories, but that may mean killing the ghouls that look like the characters from the stories they got chosen for. I did like that there was a nice mix of scary world with normal world in which Aoba finally can be happy, though I hope it will last. crosses fingers I had a laugh at the extras because Aoba isn’t used to people interacting with her so much. 😛
Also loved who Noah was, oh my that is quite a nice twist. Wonder what his wish was…
The art was also great. And I so need to continue reading this manga. Dark and spooky but also sweet and with a protagonist who loves to read.

Volume 2: The second volume, and HOLY CRAP, things just got a ton messier and scarier. We see our duo meet up again in the world, figure out how to use things, and they meet up with someone who is reluctantly telling them how things work. I was kind of unhappy with how that dude reacted, really? I am sure you were the same when you just popped into this world, no need to act so entitled towards them. But he did help out and I was quite happy with that. It gave some more insight in the book and how to use them. However, with them having weapons they have to make a decision… get killing the unfortunate souls or just not caring about the book? However…. if you don’t finish your book… well you will have to find out. Then again.. finishing your book…. yeah, it is battle royale for sure. And the story gets darker with each page. I am glad to see some lighter parts in it, as it was a breath of air that I could use before being submerged again in the darkness of these fairy tales. I am happy that we find out more about Noah’s backstory, what he wished for, how he got into the band.
So plenty of twists and turns in this one, some shocking revelations, and more zombies/mummies.
It ends on quite an interesting way, and well… I need more. Hopefully I can get more soon.

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