Review for Salomelic

Review for Salomelic

Salomelic, Pink, Cake, Huge Fork, Girls, Books, Hakamada Mera, Witches, Cute, MangaA cute shoujo-ai book with magic and chocolate.

While I do love some good horror for Halloween, I also love some softer stuff. Like this one. Which still fits Halloween as Salome is a witch and magic runs in her family.

Salome has transferred to yet another school and isn’t too happy with it, understandably as moving is already not fun but if you have to keep making new friends only to lose them… eh. But she quickly becomes friends with a girl named Hikari. I just loved seeing the two together and was definitely rooting for them to become a bit more. I wasn’t always a fan of Salome due to how she questioned everything and didn’t seem to have much faith in Hikari or people around her or herself. I guess given her history it was logical that she wasn’t too sure about things, but I still wished she got better with the story. There is a little bit of progress, but there is still enough that could be better. I was just rooting for her to see that she was worth it, and that people liked her.

I was shocked by the revelation of the magic. How in her family only the children have magic, as soon as they fall in love for the first time they lose the magic. Which is how Salome found out that her mom was just a sham as she has had many loves and so cannot do magic. I also think it was heartbreaking that you can only enjoy the magic for such a short time. Some even shorter as some people get their first love very early on. Can you imagine losing your magic at 10? While you still have big plans and want to practice so so much? It is quite crappy. 🙁

Her falling in love with Hikari, and yes seeing Hikari in a way also fall for Salome, was just the best. It was sweet and pure and I loved how Salome just didn’t know what to do about her feelings, just like how first loves often are. Will this person like me back? Are they happy with my confession?
I was of course curious to see Hikari’s reactions some more and thankfully we do get a chapter with just her POV which made me giddy with joy. Yay. Now we could see how things were for her.

I just feel sad that we do see some bits of their future, but it just felt a bit empty. I would have preferred more romance and maybe a marriage? That would have been amazing.

I was happy for Salome though given certain things, and also delighted for Salome’s mom. Yay!

Oh, and while I wasn’t a fan of Hikari’s friends in the very beginning they did turn out to be great friends as soon as things were sorted. I was happy to see them all together, and I was just giggling when we read their confessions at the very last chapter. Oh my.

The art was just the best, though sure the eyes were a bit strange at times. But other than that, the art fitted with the adorableness of the story. First love, some magic, chocolate, and friendship.

I would recommend this one if you are looking for a soft book for Halloween.

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