Review for After The Final Curtain

Review for After The Final Curtain

Matt Lambros, After the final curtain, theatre, stageI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I love photography books about abandoned buildings! To see how things were often left like people just ran away from it one day and left it all behind. I would love to visit abandoned buildings… but I have yet to find one that is open to the public, in general it is illegal to get into a building like this. And I don’t want to get a high fine or be arrested. No thank you. So I will just visit those buildings by these books.

I have to say I didn’t much care for the descriptions. I tried reading them in the beginning, but due to the tiny font.. it wasn’t easy. Yes I already raised the percentage to 75% but that already caused the pages to not fit on my screen and me having to scroll if I wanted to see everything on the pages. So you can imagine that any higher and I would have to scroll even more, not something I would like to do. So after a while my eyes started hurting and I just focused on the photographs.

Which were stunning. To see all those theatres and see the various stages of decay in each of them. Some looked still pristine, others you could see were falling apart. I could just imagine shows taking place in those places and how they must have looked in their prime. How gorgeous it would have been. How wonderful it would have to be a visitor of a play or a musical or a dance in that kind of building. Wow.

The ones that were falling apart just broke my heart. That people just abandoned it, that no one ever cared to restore it to its former glory or to keep it nice and beautiful. 🙁

Instead of just the inside, I would have also loved to see some of the outside. How does it look there? Is it also dilapidated? Or is that one part that is kept up with?

All in all, a wonderful book and I would recommend it.

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