Review for The Upper Case: Trouble in Capital City

Review for The Upper Case: Trouble in Capital City

The Uppercase, Trouble in Capital City, Tara Lazar, Ross MacDonald, Picture Book, Detectives, II received this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I was delighted when I was selected for the blog tour for this book and then I also received a ecopy of the book. I couldn’t wait to start reading and here we are now. I was in the mood for a punny word detective book and this one seemed perfect.

Meet Private I (yes, really), he just finished a case is kind of looking forward to having some quiet and rest.. but he won’t have that for long as quite soon Mark, the question mark, bursts into the office to tell our Private I that he is the only one left as an uppercase letter. OH NO! That this can happen in Capital City, chaos will happen so it is up to Private I to get to the case and find out the hints.

We see him wander through the city, meet up with various characters, for instance ampersand and her twins q and p, and did you see hyphen jogging around? And then he gets his first clue which leads him to more delightful characters and eventually he solves the case. How, I am not going to be telling you, you will just have to read, but it was such a delight. I definitely hadn’t expected that character to be the culprit. We learn why they did what they did, and I could definitely understand why they did what they did given the character they are.

All in all, this will surely delight kids. They can learn about the alphabet, about numbers, about punctuation and more. There are tons of puns related to all of this and I am sure that they will laugh themselves silly. Just like I did.

The art was also pretty fun, it was a nice style.

I had tons of fun reading this book and I would highly recommend this one to everyone. I can’t wait to see what other cases Private I will have and what kind of things will happen next in this city.

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