Review for The Wizards of Once: Knock Three Times

Review for The Wizards of Once: Knock Three Times

Knock Three Times, The Wizards Of Once, Two Boys, Girl, Red, Orange, Door, Cover, Children's BookThe third book and what a ride it was!

I just adore the book’s titles they are always so much fun and I love how they fit with the number of the book. I am quite curious about what the fourth, and I am guessing last, book will be called. I can’t wait!

In this book our trio and all their fairies/sprites/animals, and oh yes Crusher the giant are out to find the last ingredients they need for the spell to finally get rid of the witches. We meet new people, see them have a semblance of normal lives which made me delightfully happy as these 3 could use some rest and relaxation. Plus, this time away from this meant they could also learn some new skills, something that may come in handy when they finally get to the final battle.

I loved seeing all the characters develop further. Bodkin became braver and actually tried to get stronger and be more of a hero. I was pissed when we found out THAT about him, it made me want to kick his ass. How could you do that?
Then there is Xar who is still cocky, but we can see he is trying to be more caring and more kind. Yes, he still makes a mess out of things, but he is also changing a lot. In the beginning he was just a tad annoying and didn’t really seem to care about anything but himself, but now he is actually being kind and trying to not say certain things.
Wish is the last one and I was so proud of her that she dared to stand up against her mom. I also love that her magic is getting stronger and that she is learning how to control her strong magic.

We also get a bit more background on the parents. We already know about how they met, how they fell in love, and how things went south. But in this one we see even more of it and I loved that these two got more attention. Their story is so interesting, and yes I am actually hoping that one day they will put aside their things and get together again. I am sure that a heart can be unstoned and that the potion the queen drank can be cancelled by pure love again. It would be fabulous if Warriors and Wizards could be together for once. I am sure that if they worked together they would be stronger, better, and have a better defence against scary stuff.

I was delighted by a certain reunion between two characters, I just had such a big smile on my face when the two got together.

Then there is the ending part, in which they have to get the scales from a giant beast. That was just pure excitement and I flew through the pages, even faster than I did while reading the other parts of the book.

I could probably talk about this book even more, it was just that good! I had tons of fun reading it, there was plenty of adventure, magic and fire, drama, and sad moments. The illustrations were once again fabulous. I love the style, it is so original, a bit unpolished but that gives it the charm.

I would highly recommend this book (and the other 2 books) to everyone in need for a magical adventure with fun characters.

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