Review for The World’s Best Dad Jokes for Kids Vol.3

Review for The World’s Best Dad Jokes for Kids Vol.3

The World's Best Dad Jokes for Kids Volume 3, Boy, Girl, Dad, Red, Lisa Swerling, Ralph Lazar, JokesI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Oh my goodness this was just too funny, and at times very rolls eyes. These are truly the dad jokes that make you groan but also laugh yourself silly. At least that is what happened to me… and my hubby.

Yep, I involved him in my reading, I do that sometimes when I get a book. If it is something he may like I share it with him. And while he was groaning at times (just like I was) he was also having a great time while I read things aloud and let him guess, or when I read a joke and saw his reaction. It was great fun and made reading the book even funnier as my hubby has some fabulous expressions. 😛

The book is also illustrated and the illustration style fitted perfectly with the kind of jokes we have in this one. However… they were kind of spoilerish. At times, when a joke required to be read instead of read aloud, the illustration would spoil things. I had to either cover it with my hand or just scroll the right amount to have it and the answer covered.

But all in all, this made a fun time for us both. I am sure that kids and adults will love this one. Warning, it may make you groan and roll your eyes. They are dad jokes after all.

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