Review for Tunnel of Bones

Review for Tunnel of Bones

Tunnel of Bones, Victoria Schwab, Red, Black, Bones, Skulls, Cats, Red Coat, Young Adult, Horror, Ghosts“First comes mischief, then comes menace, then mayhem.
The more trouble poltergeists cause, the more powerful they get.”

The second book in the Cassidy Blake series and this time we are going to Paris! Yep, city of romance, crepes, croissants, and also ghosts! Oh my! In this book we have a stalker poltergeist, Cassidy doing some dumb but also awesome things, we find out more about Jacob (which had me totally delighted).

Paris is the next stop on the itinerary of Cassidy’s parents. It is a city full with hauntings and spooky things. From the catacombs to parks and theatres. There are ghosts to be found everywhere and I was just rubbing my hands in delight at what would be told. What stories would we get, and what ghosts would we see?

The first stop is the Catacombs and boy, I loved that this was the first stop. It is one of my dreams to visit that place (next to the Eiffel Tower). It was creepy, spooky, and I loved how the author wrote it. It was as if I was there. And we meet a very scary ghost. Kid ghosts are already scary as hell, but can you imagine if it also has glowing red eyes, and oh yes counts in French? Did I mention he becomes a real pain in the butt and only gets scarier with each step in the story? Yep, Cassidy did it again, attracting some scary ghosts to herself. 😛

I loved the ghostly things that happened, they were properly scary and I had goosebumps at times while reading it. Especially when the ghost upped its antics and things became deadly.

I did like that Cassidy, instead of running, went to researching and made it her goal to help out the little boy. We find out all sorts of things, meet a fabulous new character, and that ending was just so spooky and scary and fabulous, and I also had to cry a bit.

Lara also pops up, though through phone calls. She helps out Cassidy at times and also makes sure she is safe. I am definitely happy that she is a recurring character. And while I wasn’t always agreeing with her on the topic, at times I did agree that maybe something should be done about Jacob. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jacob, he is super, but you can’t deny something is going on with him.

Of course, at times, I was just shaking my head at Cassidy. She did some stupid things. Going into the Veil when now is not the time + it was dangerous. What she did when she pretended to go the cinema was also one that had me rolling my eyes. Good grief girl.

One thing, I still can’t get it right that Cassidy is 12? It is mentioned once in the story here and it just threw me totally out of the story again for a moment. I may have also said this in my previous review for the previous book. But the way she acts, how she talks, and other things, it just doesn’t seem like she is 12. I would rather say she is 15, maybe close to 16. Maybe 12 year old these days act differently? I guess?

I can’t wait for the next book. I just flew through this one, before I knew it the book was over and I just wanted more. I hope that Cassidy learns more skills in regards to the whole ghost hunting stuff, and maybe that she learns to value her own life a bit more.

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    1. I am glad to hear I am not alone in thinking Cassidy didn’t feel her age. I hope you enjoy this book when you read it.

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