Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 27-10-2019

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 27-10-2019

Afternoon everyone,

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Welcome all to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates with tons of new books I hope to read. I had a great week, yes I am very tired but happy with all the things I managed to do this week. cheers I just love how the weather is getting colder and the trees are losing their leaves (though I think I enjoy it less than last year when I still lived in an apartment and didn’t have a garden in front and the back of my house to keep clean 😝). Cold weather is great, finally get to wear those sweaters I haven’t been able to wear for so long + I can snuggle up in a blanket, with some hot choco nearby, and oh yes, don’t forget a good book!

What did I read from my TBR Pile? Top Marks for Murder (such a delightful book with boarding school setting again), The Kingdom (oh my oh my ohmmyohmy), Ben ik weer aan het overanalyseren? (hilarious and relatable), Problemenmagneet (hilarious and I love the muslim representation), Foeksia en de bezembus (schooltrips + witchy goodness), Langs de lange lindelaan (fun poems with gorgeous illustrations), Olympia (great way to end a series with tons of action and kick-ass girls), De Grote Monster Atlas (a lot of fun to read, perfect for this season of spookiness). I also tried Het grote reptielenboek but it just wasn’t for me.

What did I read from my Kindle? I read The Lights (disappointing ending, but the rest was scary and awesome). I tried Rot & Ruin but hated the MC and dropped the book.

And here is a new TBR! With tons of books I hope to read this week, my first read will be Armadillo & Hare followed by Tunnel of Bones. Also another big big thanks to Candyce of The Book Dutchesses for sending Het Schaduwjaar (and also another book which I hope to read soon as well). 😘

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That is it for this week! What are my readers plans for this week, anything you would recommend? I also want to wish you all a very happy weekend (and to those whose time switched due to winter time (if that is the English word for it, enjoy your extra hour). It is time for me to do some more relaxing, continuing with that new Van Haasteren puzzle, and of course reading!

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