Teaser Tuesday ~ Rot & Ruin

Teaser Tuesday ~ Rot & Ruin

Rot & Ruin, Eye, Gray, Nose, Face, Horror, Zombies, Jonathan Maberry
This time I had random.org select a chapter (8), and from that I picked a page/teaser from that.

There was a low moan, and Benny turned to see a gray-skinned man shuffling slowly around the corner of the building. He wore ancient coveralls that were stained with dark blotches and, incongruously, a garland of fresh flowers around his neck. Marigolds and honeysuckle. The man’s face was shaded for a few steps, but then he crossed into the sunlight, and Benny nearly screamed. The man’s eyes were missing and the sockets gaped emptily.

2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday ~ Rot & Ruin

  1. I read this book and this series years ago, I remember really liking it in a creepy and disturbing Zombie way.

    1. I am planning on reading it this month. I have been meaning to read the series for some time now + I got book 2 + 3 on my shelves (don’t ask why). 😛

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