Time for Kinderboekenweek (Children’s Book Week) 2 – 13 October 2019 (Finished)

Time for Kinderboekenweek (Children’s Book Week) 2 – 13 October 2019 (Finished)

Hi all!

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EDIT: 13-10. And so the week ends, or well the 11 days of it. What a fun week it was with tons of transport, travel, and more. I read a whole bunch of books, 13 books in total. My favourite books of those 13? Van zeppelin tot graafmobiel and Het orkest. Both books I would highly recommend. And I have to say that I find Van zeppelin tot graafmobiel a much better fit with the theme of this year than the André Astronautje book. Don’t get me wrong, space travel is still travel, but the zeppelin book talked about all sorts of transport and how people travelled.

I can’t wait to see what the theme will be next year. Hopefully something fun.

Read on to see what I had to say about Kinderboekenweek + what I read these 11 days.


It is that time of the year again! In my country it is Kinderboekenweek (Children’s Book Week)! 11 days (yes, not really a week, right?) of books, books, authors, and fun! This year the theme of the week is Reis Mee, which translates to Travel With Us/Travel along, and then especially transport. So cars, trains, weird magical machines, trams, anything that you use for transport. I am a big fan of the theme, I love reading about transport from cars to trains, so I was eagerly awaiting the week to finally start~

Before I will show you books I plan to read, though there may be more as I am visiting some libraries the coming days, I want to share with you a very fun metro-book map that was made for this week, just follow a line and pick a stop.

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Here is a link with a download so you can have a bigger version.

Translation of the lines:
Line 1: If you like Lampie by Annet Schaap
Line 2: If you like Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
Line 3: If you like Dolfje Weerwolfje by Paul van Loon
Line 4: If you like Diary of a Wimp by Jeff Kinney
Line 5: If you like books by Anna Woltz

And like with all the Kinderboekenweek there is a gift book that you can get at your book store when you buy 10 euro worth of books (which is easily reached with buying just one book given the prices of books in my country), this year that book is by Anna Woltz and is called Haaientanden. There is also a picture book specially made for this week, this year that is André het Astronautje: Op zoek naar Laika by André Kuipers. I am not sure if I am going to get the gift, well, I will get it because I am planning on buying new books and I do need that picture book, but what I mean is that I am not sure if I will keep it. I will probably give it to someone else.

Now for what I want/would like to read this week. This is just a small list, but there may be more books added when I visit 2 libraries.

*Ootje in het verkeer by Lizette Koning, Natascha Stenvert (Read on 5-10-2019)
*Pinguïnaut by Marcie Colleen (Read on 5-10-2019)
*Ik wil een paard by Gideon Samson, Milja Praagman  (Read on 8-10-2019)
*Het meisje en haar zeven paarden by Hadi Mohammadi, Nooshin Safakhoo (Read on 10-10-2019)
*Van zeppelin tot graafmobiel by Marianne Busser, Mark Janssen, Ron Schröder (Read on 10-10-2019)
*Een olifant in de bus by Marjet Huiberts (read on 3-10-2019)
*Giganten by Stéphane Frattini (Read on 7-10-2019)
*Ontdek de wereld in 22 kaarten by Laure Flavigny, Jessie Magana, Aurelie Boissiere, Serverine Assous (read: 4-10-2019) 
*De droomreis van neef Karel by Rick de Haas, Nicolle van den Hurk, Els Vermeltfoort (Read 8-10-2019)
*Vos en Haas – Uil wil op reis by Sylvia Vanden Heede, Thé Tjong-Khing (Read 9-10-2019)
*Het orkest by Chloe Perarnau (Read on 9-10-2019)
*André het astronautje: op zoek naar Laika by André Kuipers, Natascha Stenvert (Read 12-10-2019)
*Goede reis, opa! by Vivian den Hollander, Saskia Halfmouw (Read on 13-10-2019)

EDIT: 6-10-2019: Added new books and also updated which I read already.
EDIT: 9-10-2019: Added more new read dates, removed a book,
EDIT: 11-10-2019: We are nearing the end and so far I have read 11 books, and I am planning on reading 2 more.
EDIT: 13-10-2019: Added a new book to the mix, and will be reading one last book today to finish this week. Also edited the post as the Kinderboekenweek ends today!

As you can see, plenty of choices! I do wish I had some kerntitels (core titles) to read, but I already read those that were interesting to me way before the week happened. So I guess I will just stick to picture books or children’s non-fiction about transport. I may even look at my own collection if I can re-read something.

And that brings me to the end of this post. I want to wish everyone a happy Kinderboekenweek, I hope you all have safe travels. Oh, and be sure to let me know if you are planning to participate and what you will be reading.

If you want more information on the week you can go here for the site.

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