Book Haul November 2019

Book Haul November 2019

Morning all!

Welcome to a new Book Haul, this time featuring my books I got in November.

This month was a quiet month. Several pre-orders popped in and I got one more book that I just needed to have in my life. I would have gotten more books, I know I got a few more on my shelves at Goodreads, but the month just flew by (really, I am still kind of stunned November is almost over) + it is almost Christmas (I generally start buying presents around this month). I guess I will be buying some books for December, and I am sure that my dear sweet Santa will be giving me some books as he knows I just LOVE getting books for Christmas.

Oh, I just checked, I read all the books that I got this month, and also finished all the books on my previous haul post. cheers and dances

I got two stacks. Or well, one stack, and one lone book. 😛 The biggest stack is pre-orders, the lone book is one I bought on a whim.

Van lichtekooi en zwiepkanarie by Sylvia Witteman, Stella Bergsma
Carnival Caper by Alex Milway
Knights and Bikes: Rebel Bicycle Club by Gabrielle Kent
Alex Sparrow and the Zumbie Apocalypse by Jennifer Killick
Charlie Changes Into a T-rex by Sam Copeland, Sarah Horne

The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite

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