Friday’s Page 69 ~ The Dragon in the Library

Friday’s Page 69 ~ The Dragon in the Library

The Dragon in the Library, Louie Stowell, Davide Ortu, Children's Books, Girl, Bookshelves, Books, Dragon tail, books, Red Shirt, Necklace, Orange Hair, Magic, Orange/Green Letters
They said a lot about how the existence of such a young wizard was ‘unheard of’ and ‘shocking’. Then one of them said, ‘Gladys, give me my pills. I think I’m going to have a heart attack.’ He didn’t though, luckily,” said Faith. “Have a heart attack, I mean. Because Gladys DID give him his pills. But I don’t think I’ve seen the lot of them this excited since I took cake to the last council meeting. What was I saying?” Faith shook her head, braids whipping back and forth. “Phew. Their longwindedness is catching.”

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