Library Haul 2-11-2019 (Library #2 + #3 Combined)

Library Haul 2-11-2019 (Library #2 + #3 Combined)

Evening all,

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Happy weekend to all my readers and a warm welcome to a new Library Haul this time for Library #2 and #3!

Yep, it was high time to visit Library #3 again, but since I had reservations waiting at Library #2 (plus some books I wanted to find that I had reserved but weren’t on the shelves yet), I popped by Library #2 first!

I knew I had 16 reservations waiting, but I also had reserved some books that weren’t on the reservation shelves but were in the library. So me and my hubbie wandered around looking for them. We couldn’t find two of them, and while we were looking for the third one.. my phone buzzed and I had a mail that those two books were now on the reservation shelves. 😛 I guess they were faster than me this time. I also checked the new books spots, and I had a talk with one of the volunteers who works there. He always sees me and my hubbie on Saturday and he decided now was a good time for a chat. Which was fun. 🙂

After that picking up all my reservations, 18 now, and then dragging all that to the machine so I could bring them home with me.

Then we drove to the city of Library #3 and popped by the library first. It closes at around 5 pm, and when we got there it was 2 pm. Still plenty of time, but we also wanted to walk through the city centre for a bit. Library first! My hubby brought back the books and I checked out the new books. I quickly gathered two books from there and then went up to, now not so favourite spot, the children’s/YA section. sighs As with many hauls… you either find one or 2 books or nothing. This time I found nothing. Thankfully, the comic/GN section on the fourth floor proved that I didn’t have to worry as there was plenty waiting for me. My stack grew and grew until I reached the limit.

So today was an amazing book-filled day! cheers Sure, a bit sad that the Children’s/YA section at Library #3 has so little, but I got plenty in the end + look at my library #2 haul! dances

Stats: 33 books. 21 from Library #2 and 12 from Library #3. 9 non-fiction, 4 picture books, 10 comics/graphic novels, 10 fiction.

NOTE: Sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry, we got home when it was already dark and artificial light only helps so much.

NOTE 2: Not all of these books are on Goodreads, I will add them when I get to reading them. Edit (7-11): added many links!

Wat helpt is een wonder by Anne Vegter
Een groter hart by Rob Oele
Gelukkig nog altijd onze man in Teheran by Thomas Erdbrink
Groeten uit Verwegistan by Derk Bolt
Alle ouders klungelen maar wat aan by Anna van den Breemer
Ottilie en de drochtenjagers by Rhiannon Williams
Dasja by Karel Capek
Grappenmakers by Nellerike de Voogd
Apollo’s ondergang by Rom Molemaker
What the H@ck? by Maria Genova
Kitty: Redding in de maneschijn by Paula Harrison

Clownsnacht by Daniëlle Bakhuis
‘s Nachts droom ik van vrede by Carry Ulreich
Het dagboek van Renia Spiegel by Renia Spiegel
Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine
Agent en Boef de grap van boef-baard by Tjibbe Veldkamp, Kees de Boer
Ik verveel me zo by Rocio Bonilla
Het wonderbaarlijke verhaal van de Kleine Prins by Tiny Fisscher
Mijn papa is het grootst by Henriette Boerendans
De boekenberg by Rocio Bonilla
Het complete drakenboek by Fedrica Magrin

Lieve Facebook-vrienden, ik heb borstkanker by Caroline Griep
Ik wacht by van Het Dagblad
Paul op het platteland by Michel Rabagliati
Kas: Whatever by Maarten Wolterink
Vluchtweg naar de zon by Baru
Taxi! by Aimée de Jongh
Welkom in Boboland 1 by Dupuy, Berberian
Een stukje spinazietaart 1 by Philippe Pelaez, Javier Sanchez Casado
Dat is dan jouw probleem by Micky Dirkzwager
Nooit by Duhamel
Onze navelstreng by Marie Duvoisin
Het experiment by Nicolas Debon

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