Library Haul 21-11-2019

Library Haul 21-11-2019

Evening all!

Welcome to a brand-new Library #1 Haul! Yep, it was time again for my weekly visit, I only had one more book to read and so I wanted some fresh materials.

Thankfully it was dry outside, these days it is a bit on and off with the rain, however you can tell that winter is coming. Holy wow, it was cold outside! I was glad when I reached Library #1 and could dive inside the warm library.

I had a ton of fun wandering around the library, searching and looking (as I had one book I wanted to find) for books. I had quite a nice haul at the Children’s department where I found 3 books, 2 Dutch and 1 English.

Since I didn’t want to go outside I wandered around a bit longer. 😛 And managed to find my book, but while I was reading some parts it just wasn’t as fun as I had hoped. So in the end I didn’t take it, instead taking 2 other books that looked interesting.

I so so hope that the next time I visit the library has some new YA books, preferably English. There have been so many new releases and my library gets barely any of them. And no, I am not going to request books. I know how they are with requests, especially those for English books.

I am quite happy with my haul, I got new books to read~ dances

Stats: 5 books. 1 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

Library #1, Delft, Bibliotheek Delft, Stack of Books

De moord op Queen-T by Tanja de Jonge
Couchsurfing in Rusland by Stephan Orth
The Good Thieves by Katherine Rundell
Alles rustig? by Nick Klaessens
Johanna en het Gravensteen by Hans Kerkhof

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