Library Haul 23-11-2019 (Library #2 + #3 Combined)

Library Haul 23-11-2019 (Library #2 + #3 Combined)

Late afternoon all,

Welcome to a brand-new Library #2 + #3 Haul! Yep, it was time to visit Library #3 again, but I also wanted to visit #2 because I had several reservations waiting + a couple of books I wanted to return. Btw, new GIF for these hauls! I decided that I wanted to find a new GIF for this specific haul.

Since I am not feeling all too well, and still had Library #3 + a walk around the city centre in the future, I decided not to do a long visit at Library #2. I went in, brought back my old books, visited some of the new books table, found 1 book, grabbed my reservations and left again. So I haven’t got a whole lot of books, but I will make up for it next week again. 😛

Library #3 was a longer visit. Sadly, still not a lot of new books at the non-fiction/adult tables nor at the children/YA department, but I did manage to grab 3 books from those tables. After that I had a lot of fun grabbing graphic novels and comic books. Eventually not even being able to check the normal comic books as I had reached my max of 12 books. Darn it. XD

Oh, and finally, they are rearranging and making the children’s/YA department a bit fancier. My hubby at first didn’t want to believe me it has been this set-up for quite some time, but then I pointed at the floor where you could clearly see a BIG colour difference between where a shelf stood and where there never was one.

So, all in all, quite a nice haul from both libraries. I am happy with all the new books and can’t wait to read them. Maybe I will start one this evening as I got plenty of reading time, though I also want to continue my f/f romance book I started last night when I couldn’t sleep.

Stats: 19 books. 7 from Library #2, 12 from Library #3. 12 comics/graphics, 2 non-fiction, 3 picture books, 1 fiction.

NOTE: Not all of these are on Goodreads, I will add them when I get to reading them.

Bloem by Nicola Skinner
Dit is een bal. by Beck
Knuffel by Eoin McLaughlin, Polly Dunbar
De nietsmachine by Stefan Wolters, Barbara de Wolf
Dino’s 5 by Bloz
De buurtpolitie 6 by Nix
Het nieuwe meisje by Michiel van de Vijver

Other Words for Home by Jasmine Warga
99 redenen om te stoppen, en toch door te gaan by Daan Weddepohl
Struikelen by Pieter Rosseel
Ze heten allemaal Mohammed by Jérôme Ruillier
Penelope by Judith Vanistendael
Zie mij by Bastien Vivès
Game of Crowns 2 by Baba
Road Therapy by Stéphane Loui, Lionel Marty
Meisjes by Bastien Vivès
Het lijk en de bank by Tony Sandoval
Leve de branding by Davio Prudhomme, Pascal Rabaté
Switzerland from above by Bertrand Piccard, Antonio Attini

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