Library Haul 30-11-2019

Library Haul 30-11-2019

Evening all,

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Welcome to a new Library #2 Haul! And a happy weekend to all my dear readers!

Remember my sad sad stack from last time? Well, that was definitely a fluke. Holy wow what a haul I got this time. See that GIF? Once again very very fitting for a haul at Library #2.

I had 18 reservations waiting for me (!!!!) which was totally awesome in itself, even if I wouldn’t find anything I would still have a lovely stack of books. But, I knew that there were some reservations that weren’t put on the special reservations shelf that were around the library. So I went on a hunt for those, and let me tell you… I found all the books I wanted. Now the only reservations I have left are books that are loaned out/are magically unfindable (yes, that happens, don’t ask me how).

After that I wandered around the library to see if I could find some more books, which yes I did. I found a few nice looking comics/graphic novels (including one that I spotted earlier this year but wasn’t sure if I should take it, in the end I decided to heck with it and go. The book in question is the Fucking Hell book).

Then it was picking up my reservations, borrowing them, and tetrissing with books to get them all in my trolley (it barely fitted).

I can’t wait to start reading all these books! The only problem, a typical bookworm problem, what book to read first? Let me know dear readers which you think I should read first.

Stats: 36 books. 5 comics/graphic novels, 7 picture books, 8 non-fiction, 16 fiction.

NOTE: As always not all of these are on Goodreads, when I get to reading the books I will add them.

Dolores Dolly Poppedijn by Thomas Olde Heuvel
Amelia Fang and the Half-Moon Holiday by Laura Ellen Anderson
Kleine landjes by Jelle Brandt Corstius
Van Moskou tot Medan by Jelle Brandt Corstius
Niemand ziet het by Dolf Verroen, Charlotte Dematons
Hilda en het verborgen volk by Stephen Davies
Wij waren erbij by Schrijvers van de ronde tafel
Tom Poes: Zoals mijn goede vader zei… by Marten Toonder
Het Leningrad-dieet by Wlada Kolosowa
Gevaar in de mist by Rian Visser, Mark Baars
Aan de kant, draak! by Rian Visser, Mark Baars
Op zoek naar een ring by Rian Visser, Mark Baars
Pas op voor de tor! by Rian Visser, Mark Baars
Een kroon voor een kanjer by Liesbeth Tilanus, Monique van der Zanden

Partycrash by Roelof Broekman
Het werkstuk by Simon van der Geest
Grappig jammer by Tim Hofman
Alles begint en eindigt met familie by Fidan Ekiz
Perfectly Preventable Deaths by Deirdre Sullivan
Geheimen van Winterhuis hotel by Ben Guterson
Alice en het bacterie mysterie by Gwen Lowe
Het geheim van de zeemeermin by Annet Jacobs
Dutch Dance by Mark van Bergen
Het meisje dat nevel weefde by Agnès de Lestrade

Vierkant by Mac Barnett, Jon Klassen
Vroem by Liesbeth Elseviers
Goeiemorgen, beste buur by Davide Cali
De haas met de grote voeten by Catherine Rayner
Sebastian Beer by Duncan Beedie
Het konijn, het donker en de koektrommel by Nicola O’Byrne
Toen het oorlog was by ?
Monet by Salva Rubio
Fucking Hell by Sam Peeters
Holly Ann 1 by Kid Toussaint
Holly Ann 2 by Kid Toussaint
End: Elisabeth by Barbara Canepa

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