Library Haul 6-11-2019

Library Haul 6-11-2019

Evening all,

Welcome to a brand-new Library Haul, this time for Library #1 which I visited yesterday evening!

So, I was actually planning on going today, however when my hubby got home yesterday and I told him about me going to the library, he mentioned that it was going to rain today. And not just a bit of rain, no tons of it. Since the evening seemed dry, I decided that it was time to grab my bicycle and visit the library. My hubby came with me as he was meeting a friend close to where the library is. Which indeed was the real motivation I needed to get on my bicycle at 8pm. 😛 Yes, I love books, but after long day the first thing I want to do in the evening is nothing.

It was quite silent at the library, with the exception of the choir moving around the library to sing songs. I just love visiting during this time. Though since it is a trip of 20-25 minutes on bicycle it is not one I do often. Sometimes I wish I was back in the city again, but then I think of the calm and loveliness of where I am living now and I want to stay where I am now.

I had tons of fun walking around the mostly quiet library and checking out all my favourite spots and all the other spots to find all the books. And books I did find, I was delighted to find The Poet X in English in my library. I have heard a lot about the book and I was hoping I could read it one day. Well, the day has finally arrived! dances

Funnily, the library really sucked me in, when I came outside after an hour everything was wet. Apparently I missed a big bit of rain falling. I never heard or noticed anything, so focused was I on the books that lay around me.

I have plenty of books to read, but first I want to finish two other books (Ik wacht en Het schaduwjaar) before I want to start with the stack.

Stats: 6 books. 2 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo
100 dagen kanker by Rachel Franse
The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven
Garmadon aan de macht by ?
Het geluid van vallende sneeuw by Jannie Regnerus
Frostfire by Jamie Smith

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