Library Haul 9-11-2019

Library Haul 9-11-2019

Hiya all,

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Happy weekend everyone! And a warm (well, it is actually quite cold here) to a new Library #1 Haul!

Not going to make a too long post + the book list will be added later as I got some plans for today. It feels weird to write it like this because by the time this post posts I will be in the midst of all the plans. 😛 Let’s get to my library visit~

Which was just amazing again. I just had 5 reservations waiting, sad, as I have plenty of reservations still waiting but the library takes so long to pick them up that they just get borrowed by other people. So I wanted to walk around the whole library and see if I could find some more books. Yes, I am slowly, but surely, getting through my stack at home. Currently I have 5 books left from the previous hauls, which is an improved from the 10-20 I had the last few times. As you can read, I could use some more books to add to the pile at home.

I also had another chat with the man (volunteer who works there) from the last time (see previous Library #2 Haul), it was quite a fun and interesting chat. About religion, philosophy, and books.

While walking around I kept adding books to my trolley, and eventually it got quite full. In the end I got borrowed the same amount of books as the amount of books I brought back today. 😛 Never ending book piles! \o/

Stats: 26 books. 7 picture books, 3 comics, 4 magazines, 3 non-fiction, 9 fiction.


No Ballet Shoes in Syria by Chaterine Bruton
Echo by Thomas Olde Heuvelt
In de bosjes by Merel Westrik & Martin Melchers
Zar en het vriendenfeest by Rian Visser, Mark Baars
Zar en het slijmmonster by Rian Visser, Mark Baars
Zar en de zwevende zombies by Rian Visser, Mark Baars
Roes by Caja Cazemier
After Dark by Juultje van den Nieuwenhof
The Institute by Stephen King

Niemand wint by ?
Het zeeboek by Sarah Devos
Fashion Chick by ?
Fashion Chick by ?
Fashion Chick by ?
Fashion Chick by ?
Azzi Tussendoor by Sarah Garland
The Champions 31 by Gurcan Gursel
Onklopbaar 1 by Pascal Jousselin
Met de bus by Marianne Dubuc
Ploef by Espen Dekko, Mari Kanstad Johnsen
Een bloem van een tante by An Swerts, Eline van Lindenhuizen
De gigantische koffer by Robert Munsch, Michael Martchenko
Waar is de lama? by ?
Mijn huisdier Cavia by Jill Foran
Vijf mama’s voor olifant by Kristien Hemmerechts, An Candaele
Big wordt beer by Kristien Hemmerechts, An Candaele

4 thoughts on “Library Haul 9-11-2019

    1. Aww thank you! Haha, that man is a volunteer at the library, he welcomes people, directs them to the right places to get help, etc.. He had seen me and my husband a few times already and decided last week to chat with us. And this week he saw us again and came to chat. He is a really sweet guy and we have some great conversations.

      1. Sounds like a nice man indeed! 😊 It’s lovely when an interesting conversation with a stranger happens, sometimes it’s not an easy thing to do, everyone busy and minding their own business etc. Hope you get to chat with him again next time!

        1. Yep! I always love it when it happens, and yes it is rare as so many people are often in a hurry. I am glad he decided to come to us and talk. I hope so too! I wonder what our next conversation will be about.

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