Review for Alex Sparrow and the Zumbie Apocalypse

Review for Alex Sparrow and the Zumbie Apocalypse

Zumbies, Alex Sparrow and the Zumbie Apocalypse, Jennifer Killick, Green, Red, Yellow, SquidWhat are you gonna do when zumbies take over your neighbourhood during Christmas?

I was superduper excited when I saw more and more details of this book appearing on the internet. I squeed when I saw the cover appeared, and I wanted to read the book even more when I learned this book would have zombies… um sorry zumbies!

I am kind of tired so I will make a list of all the things I loved!

+Zumbies! Or zumba zombies! Yep. People from the zumba class at a new leisure centre are dropping dead… only to revive quite quickly afterwards. Oh my! I was very curious what was causing this phenomenon and if the old ladies could be saved! Because I felt sorry for those old ladies.
+What the zumbies were up to. For instance licking anything electronic (weird, but OK), hugging with any electronic devices. And oh yes, that one weird moment when the power had to be cut.. and all the creepy ladies went to the one place with electronic.
+The black octopus that kept popping up! I immediately had a suspicion who could be behind it, there is just one bad man who keeps popping up, so it had to be him. I won’t tell you if it was him, you will have to read the book. But it was fun (and suspicious) how that little dude kept popping up everywhere if you looked really closely.
+I just loved how sweet Alex was, even though he kept trying to hide it. 😛 In this book he was super caring for his mom and grandma, but he was also very sweet towards his best friends (and then especially Jess). He was already very nice in the beginning, but with each book he gets sweeter and kinder and more considerate. I was just awwing when he got a bag of vegan candy so he could share it with Jess, but he didn’t tell her he did it on purpose. Yep, that is one thing he may have to improve on, be more honest about how he really feels. Dude, it doesn’t make you any less manly.
+Bob! And Ellie! I loved how they were both willing to start a family and were looking around for information about it. Because what is family? What does it entail? I really liked that he was willing to study about it, though I wish he was a bit less harsh about how Alex does things with his family. Yes, it may seem he isn’t treating them nicely, but deep down we know Alex loves them.
+Seeing various animal agents again. Bob popped up, but also various others and I was delighted to see them all again.
+Farts! Sorry, I just love Alex his powers of farts and I wonder how people are still sitting next to him or get close. 😛
+I just love Christmas! And this one combines Christmas with zombies, sorry zumbies!
+The plans Alex and Jess (and Dave) made were positively wonderful and exciting.
+That Alex was constantly going on about how it would be a movie and what would get cut out and what not and what theme song would be added. I had such a laugh about that. I would also like to see the movie though, so sign me up.
+Seeing a certain character’s dad and how he is. I liked him from the start and I hope that he becomes happier and less lonely.
+The ending and all the excitement and action that happens there. Oh yes! It was a lightning boom of awesomeness.
+The zumba flashmob dance for Christmas. I would have loved to be there. Well, without all the danger of course.
+I loved the zumba instructor! That is my kind of instructor. Happy, sweet, and motivational!
+The octopus (I believe it was that at least) that we meet nearer to the ending, oh yes, I loved her. Hope we see more of her in the next books.

All in all, a wonderful zumbie-tastic Christmas book with tons of action, humour, farts, and friendship. Highly recommended!

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