Review for Boku no Heya ga Dungeon no Kyuukeijo ni Natteshimatta Ken Vol.1

Review for Boku no Heya ga Dungeon no Kyuukeijo ni Natteshimatta Ken Vol.1

Tougoku Fudou, Boku no Heya ga Dungeon no Kyuukeijo ni Natteshimatta Ken, Girl, Slime Monster, Monster, Boy, Armour, Home, Manga, What would you do if you could get an apartment for cheap… but it comes with a dungeon?

I came across this manga and was immediately curious and wanted to know more. How did this dungeon get connected to the apartment? What kind of people would pop by for a visit? How does the dungeon look? What kind of items and monsters can you find? And oh yes, I had more questions!

Well if you are Tooru (or Suzuki) you take it. It is dirt cheap and what is the worst that could happen? Right? I loved how eager he was to take the apartment and even went to get some equipment to explore. Yep. Sure, we also see him be in a bit of despair because instead of a normal house he got one with something extra, something strange. I could imagine, it is not every day that one has a connecting dungeon and who knows what is going on in there? What can come out. Plus, it is a bit awkward since he can’t use the front door if he wants to go out. 😛 Which leads to him having to go out through the backdoor, luckily for him he is on the ground floor. Can you imagine what he would have to do otherwise?

The first time we go in the dungeon Tooru meets a girl. Lying alone, crying and well wetting herself as she is totally afraid. He decides to take her home and that sets the premise for the next couple of chapters. I had such a laugh at all the things Tooru had to think up as of course nothing in the modern world is normal to Aria, or Ria, the girl that Tooru rescued. Baths are strange, she is afraid of the shower, what is this food and why does it make me feel better (well, apparently food from his world can give status-updates and do the same thing as potions), what are these strange books with elf girls and tentactle monsters (which he quickly dodged to it being grimoires), and more. At times of course it got a tad boring, but in general I had fun seeing Aria trying to find out how life works in Tooru’s world. And he is asking her questions on what is going on in her world.

He is also going in the dungeon, to test things, to do a small bit of hunting, and then running back. 😛 And he has made a friend, a cutie that I wouldn’t mind having in my life as well. Though I wonder how that will turn out for our MC. Was it a bad idea? Or not?

The art was really well done, I like the style very much. I especially love Aria’s look.

All in all, I could probably chat more about this volume, but I will just end with that it was just too much fun. I can’t wait for the next volume and see what happens in that one as this one ends in quite a fun way that makes me very curious. Oh, and I hope we find out more about why there is a dungeon connected to an apartment in Japan.

2 thoughts on “Review for Boku no Heya ga Dungeon no Kyuukeijo ni Natteshimatta Ken Vol.1

    1. I am glad I am not alone in thinking it was fun! She is just so pure and innocent. I do wonder how long Tooru can hide his grimoires though. 😛

      Thank you!

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