Review for Demi Life Vol.1

Review for Demi Life Vol.1

Demi Life, Volume 1, Pikachi Ohi, Girls, School Uniform, Wolf, Mermaid, MangaMeet Manaka, a sweet girl about to start a new chapter of her life!

I was looking around for some new shoujo-ai manga. Yep, still not in the mood for male x female or any standard harem stuff, so I am now hunting for all the shoujo-ai/yuri I haven’t read yet. This one looked adorable and I just love it when a yuri/shoujo-ai has a supernatural element.

This was just pure adorableness and I laughed and awwed at all the cuteness and silliness. Manaka is one of the few humans at the school is at. Mostly there are demis. Why are they together? Because the school hopes that demis and humans will get along and what better way than to start with teens?

Most people aren’t that happy with demis, are afraid of them. However Manaka? Manaka is one rare type of human who is happy with demis and even defends them if they need help. Her reaction to Ayune when she finds out that she is a mermaid was so sweet and made me happy. I loved everyone’s reaction to Manaka, and also Manaka’s reactions to them. They become quick friends and I loved seeing them together having fun, going to school.

I had so many laughs at Shiori, a vampire girl who is the prince of the school. You know the type. Fabulous, has love for all the girls in the school, makes a show out of everything. I really liked her, especially when we got know her better.

My heart burst on chapter 5. Since they are spoilers I will put them under spoiler tags. While Manaka is sick she has a dream about something that happened in the past. We see a tiny Manaka play with a Yuki-onna and even more… and finding out that the girl she is living with in the dorm… is that girl! She wakes up groggily and sees that Yuki is at her side. They talk and I was just in tears as it was just a perfect moment. I was so happy that these two are reunited again and maybe have a chance to rekindle their romance. I am definitely shipping them. It is just a shame that the other demis interrupted their moment, we were so close to a kiss!

The art was just top-notch. Very cute, sweet, and soft. I loved how the girls were drawn, you could clearly see each girl’s personality shine through.

I will keep on reading, I believe this series is very short, so I will keep an eye out for the next volume. I would recommend it to all in need of a cute and fluffy read with some shoujo-ai.

4 thoughts on “Review for Demi Life Vol.1

  1. Yay for cute and silly Manga! shoujo-ai is focused on lesbians if I am right? I wrote a part of my dissertation on the types of Manga and Anime it was very interesting! I have lots of manga on my book shelf but never feel myself picking them up! That is something I need to work on. Great review, this manga sound super sweet! x

    1. Yep, shoujo-ai and yuri are stories about lesbians/girls liking girls. Shoujo ai tends to be a bit more tame while yuri often has more sex and intimacy. Oh, that sounds like a fun dissertation to write. You should pick some up then, make it your goal for 2020. Thank you, and it is, super super sweet.❤

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