Review for Don’t Worry, Little Crab

Review for Don’t Worry, Little Crab

A cute little crab is going to make his first trip to the big big sea!

I was absolutely delighted that my library had this one in their collection, it is pretty rare to find new English books, so I do a little dance each time they add something new that I wanted to read/looks interesting.

This book was just so much fun, and I read it aloud to my hubbie who also had a laugh about the story.

In this story it is the very first time the little crab goes to the big wide sea with very big crab. He is quite scared of it, and wants to go home a lot of times. I could imagine that he wanted that given that there is a lot of whooshing of the waves. Big waves. Much bigger than our tiny little crab. But luckily, there is very big crab who keeps telling him not to worry, that he should just go for it.

In the end very big crab manages to get little crab to come with him and what happens next was just a wonderful and sweet thing. I won’t spoil anything, you will have to read it. I am so happy for both crabs though, and I loved seeing what happened in those last pages.

The art was really fun, though then again I do love Chris Haughton’s art already, so it was no surprise. I love the way the crabs were drawn, and I love how colourful several of the illustrations were.

All in all, a fun and sweet story about trying that one scary thing and not to worry too much about things, finding courage and bravery. I would recommend this one. I am sure kids will love it, and parents can use it when their kids are afraid of an event about to happen.

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