Review for Futari

Review for Futari

Futari, Otomo Megane, Green Letters, Two Girls, Black hair, red hair, school uniforms, manga, lgbt, cute, kiss, glassesAre you ready for a sweet fluffy manga? Because this manga is very fuwafuwa!

I am so in the mood for some shoujo-ai/yuri/f & f romance and I am hunting all I can to find some new ones to read. I bumped into this short (only 4 chapters) manga and decided to give it a shot. I was loving the cover, it was swoony and sweet.

This manga is about 3 couples, each couple gets their chapter and in the last chapter we get some more of the third couple and a very sexy scene, and after that our couple decides to go to the restaurant where they meet all the other couples. Because this all takes place in the same universe (something we also saw earlier on in one or so of the chapters). I really was delighted that it all came together in the end. I hope that these girls can have some fun times together. I can imagine them going to fun things as friends and as a triple date. 😛

I had some issues at first when I switched from chapter 1 to 2, I thought this was going to be about 1 couple, but then we switched. It wasn’t a bad thing, I was actually delighted that we got more than one couple to enjoy. Also the second chapter’s couple is the one we see featured on the cover!

I loved the sweet moments between the couples. Two of them are quite happy to go further (which we clearly see), while one of the couples still has to cross that border but one of them isn’t ready yet. I am really happy that this was added as often you don’t see that. They just get right to it. But in this one it is very well done. One of the girls wants to have sex, the other doesn’t. It is respected and instead they just share some hot kisses.

The art was just adorable, I loved how the girls were drawn and also how the romantic moments were done.

All in all, happy I came across this manga. I would also recommend it to all!

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