Review for Hotel Flamingo: Carnival Caper

Review for Hotel Flamingo: Carnival Caper

Hotel Flamingo: Carnival Caper, Hotel Flamingo, Alex Milway, Orange, Colourful, Feathers, Bear, Girl, Lemur, Skunks, Parrot, Flamingo, CoverWelcome to Flamingo Hotel, enjoy your stay, and oh yes be sure to stay for our super exciting event: The carnival is coming to town and we got BIG BIG Plans.

The third book in the Hotel Flamingo and once again I enjoyed my stay! This time we have a world famous band Nocturnal Animals, a carnival, we discover a new room, and there are new friends and guests joining the team!

As you can read there is plenty of things happening and I was reading with pure joy at every thing we discovered. The hotel is really getting better and better under Anna’s management. She is really doing fabulous with her job, I was impressed when she stood her ground with that mean manager guy. I love that we still have new things to discover about the hotel. I also love seeing all the guests and what kind of animals visit the hotel (though I was laughing at the skunks and how jumpy they were).

I wasn’t always a fan of the band, but later on they grew on me. Most of it was due to the manager I guess and when things happened with that guy I liked the band more and more. I do hope we see them more often in the next books.

Oh, and Anna did something superduper sweet. Or well more superduper sweet things. I won’t spoil what they are, but wow! Go Anna!

The carnival and all the preparations? Fabulous! It was bright and musical and feathery. I just adored what Stella made for the float, she is amazing!

I would like to know if there are more humans in this world, we know of Anna and her family, but other than that… nothing. While I understand this is the animal boulevard, I would still like a human here and there, because as of now I am curious if the animals and humans are living together in one world, or if there is something else happening. Or maybe I shouldn’t overthink it. 😛

The illustrations were fabulous and fun again. I love how the animals were drawn, and the carnival was just a delight, just like one was there for real.

Highly recommended!

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