Review for Once Upon and Ever After

Review for Once Upon and Ever After

Once Upon and Ever After, Olha Melnyk, Caroline L. Thornton, Girl, Boy, Bow, Arrow, Forest, Scenery, Bushes, Red Dress, Adventure, Picture BookI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review~

We all know the stories right? The princess in dire trouble and the daring/dashing prince who saves her and they fall in love. I have to say that while a lot of people are all boo to the princes and the standard role of them saving the princess, I am still the kind of girl who loves princes saving princesses. There is just something sweet and wonderful about it. And sure, I also love books about princesses saving themselves. And now there is a new story, this book, about a prince who has trained hard to save princesses… but not finding any princesses to be saved.

I just fell in love when I saw that. That is a nice twist on the normal stories~ We see how it all begins for the prince. He is doing all sorts of training from when he was young, fighting dragons? Done! Climbing towers? Check! But then he decides to really find a princess…. And well, as you could read from the blurb, that isn’t easy. I could understand his feelings, that he was unhappy. I couldn’t blame him, the poor guy has been training since he was able to stand and now he is feeling that there is nothing left for him to do. He could have played, he could have frolicked, just like the kids around him. But I loved that he had a moment, he thought, he envisioned the princesses and what they did, and then decided on something for himself.

The last two pages were just wonderful, how happy I was for our prince. I was smiling so much. It was the best ending to a wonderful book.

I loved the illustrations in this book. Colourful and fun, and I loved how the princesses and prince were drawn. This was also one of the things that attracted me to the book.

Oh, and I can’t forget, this book rhymes! It was real charming.

Plus-points to the word list at the end. There are indeed quite a few words that the littlest ones wouldn’t understand, but now they have a chance to learn while they read.

Yes, I loved this book and I am glad that the author brought this book to my attention and asked if I wanted to read it. Heavens, otherwise I would have missed this delightful book. It was fun, charming, sweet, and flipped the standard princess being saved by princes on its head and gives us a new twist to it. I would recommend it. I am sure kids (boys and girls alike) will love it.

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