Review for Pumpkinheads

Review for Pumpkinheads

Pumpkinheads, Faith Erin Hicks, Rainbow Rowell, Orange, Pumpkins, Friendship, Man, Woman, Looking at each other, Graphic NovelTwo friends, one last year of working together, one last moment to do things.

A cute October book (though I totally forgot about it until the day after October, oopsie). It is about two best friends who work at the same place each fall and all they do and get into on their last day.

This is their last year at this place as they are both going to college. Deja decides that Josiah should confess to the girl he has been crushing on for years. And so begins a hunt for the girl and I had so much fun seeing all the things that happened and all the things they saw. I wish we had these kind of things here in my country. I would visit each year! Though I am not a fan of pumpkin food, I saw plenty of things that I would definitely want to try out.
I loved all the things that happened, and I loved seeing Josiah and Deja remember all the things they did in the previous years.

When Josiah finally meets up with his crush.. well things happen and he finds out things. I will put it under spoiler tags. So Josiah finds his crush and finds out that she isn’t who he thinks she was. Their conversation is awkward and eh. So he jumps off and runs back to Deja and professes his love to her. Deja professes her love back. Yep. I saw it coming, but I had hoped it was done a bit better than this. Now it just felt weird and awkward. Like, oh my one crush isn’t who I thought she was, but wait, I also love my best friend Deja. Yay, I can go to her. Yay! :\ I just would have liked it done better than this. More spread out, less making it feel like he is just going after the next girl on his list. 😛 And sure, it was cute, and again I saw it coming given certain hints, but these two deserve better than this.

I had quite a laugh at seeing the goat pop up at times and see people run away from it and people trying to capture it.

I did like Deja and Josiah, though I have to say that I found Josiah looking way older than he is. I would rather say he is in his twenties rather than 18-ish. I did love how dedicated he was to making sure that the guests had a good time, sure, maybe at times he was a bit too obsessed with the whole employee of the year. But maybe that is because it is such an US thing and it seems like something that would work against people and being a team.
Deja was quite cute, though at times a bit too pushy. I did love how much she loves food and how she went to try out every food and the mishaps that happen with that.

The art was cute though, really cute even! Then again Faith Eric Hicks is one of my favourite artists. <3

All in all, even with the odd ending (which was cute, but no, I am not going to talk more about it), I had tons of fun reading this one. I loved seeing the place, seeing Deja and Josiah, I loved the autumn vibes that just flowed out of the pages.

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