Review for Spice Girls

Review for Spice Girls

Ohsawa Yayoi, Spice Girls, Two Girls, Holding Hands, School Uniform. Glasses, Rainbow letters, manga, lgbt,A cute and adorable little shoujo-ai-ish manga featuring 9 girls.

Each chapter is about a different set of girls who like each other/fall in love, well one chapter uses the memories of one of the girls so technically not all are different girls, but you get my drift.

The stories were a bit hit and mix. And so I wasn’t such a fan of all the stories, for instance the last story just wasn’t my favourite as I disliked the married woman and wished she would just freaking grow up. She is at least twenty but she constantly sleeps, relies on everyone, can’t cook. I am sorry, but what can she do? It just annoyed me. Get up, and do something with your life.

I loved the first story and had such a big laugh about it and what happened in that one. Oh my, that girl is sneaky! It is about a girl who works in a bookstore and the girl who pops up regularly… to sell porn and get new erotic fiction. I loved the reactions of our MC, she has the best facial expressions. I did feel a bit sorry for her though. She is so innocent and naive and gets thrown into the wild porn land. 😛 Because yes, she had to check those magazines…
In the end we find out why the girl brought the porn and while it was a bit outlandish I loved IT.

The second story was about a tutor and her student. I wasn’t always a fan of Tomoka, but she did bring Chizuru out of her shell and I loved that. I also loved the bond the two got, and while I would have loved some more romance, I guess I am already happy with some good female friendship.

The third and fourth story are connected. The first takes place in the now where a student falls in love with a teacher and the teacher falls in love with the student (no worries, the teacher waits until graduation). The next story is about how the teacher lost the love of her life, though it got her to a job that she loves. I really liked that we got to see what happened in the teacher’s past, and I loved how it all ended and came together.

The art was really nicely done, I liked how the girls were drawn.

All in all, I had fun reading this one and I am glad I found it. Sure, I wished for a bit more shoujo-ai action. More kisses. More hugging. More dates. But we can’t always get what we want. At least there is enough cute things happening in this manga.

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