Review for The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics

Review for The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics

The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics, Feminine Pursuits, Olivia Waite, Red, Dresses, Women, Hugging, Adorable, Romance, LGBT“How much of your innocence can I ruin in the course of one evening?’
‘I’m already reasonably ruined.”

I bought this one on a whim, and I am so happy I did. This was just the right book for me now. A sweet and sexy book with smart and delightful characters.

Two wonderful ladies each with a speciality, each with something that are amazing in. Catherine for instance is a genius in embroidery. She can make anything with a needle and thread, and can even draw dresses and patterns. We see how she is at first not sure if it is anything special but Lucy shows her that it is. And slowly she sees that it isn’t a frivolous thing, but something that may be worth pursuing. I was just cheering for her to discover that she can do something with this. That her talent is truly awesome and admirable.

Lucy is an astronomer and a fantastic mathematician. She can do anything with numbers, but also translating is one of her skills. But she too has to fight against things, mostly men as in this time and age only men are seen as people who can do science and such. I loved seeing how hard she fought, but it was also shown that things weren’t easy. It isn’t easy in this age I live in, can you imagine in 1880-1900? I loved seeing her translate the book, but deciding to make something of her own out of it. Why translate it word for word when one can also make it a book meant for the ladies who want to know more about this topic in easier words, in better explanation. It was such a wonderful plan, and I was hoping it would all work out.

And that is also a theme in the book, feminism. Girls doing epic things and deserving credit. Deserving to be treated as equal. Not having to worry about class and their standing. As shown in this book behind most of the men was a woman who was equally good or even better at things. Did they get credits? No. And I was just so rooting for the woman in this book. Not just our two girls, but everyone that had tried to be awesome and was reduced to nothing thanks to the men that rule the world. I loved seeing Catherine and Lucy take up arms to get things done. To get things published. To show the world that girls rule. It was well written and not, as in some books with feminism as a theme, too much or too pushy. It fitted perfectly and I loved it.

I loved the romance and passion between Lucy and Catherine. I loved that Catherine was bi, at least I am going for that given that she has had feelings for men, and now is discovering that you can also have feelings for girls (and also finding out that she had feelings for that one woman she met, and maybe some other woman on the ways of her expeditions). I am so delighted to see a bi woman in a book, I am bi myself (something I only figured out this year after reading books, reading articles, and looking back at my past) and I want more bi representation in books.
And Lucy was just wonderful, she was sweet and patient. Never pushing anything. She knew that this was all knew for Catherine. She knew what may happen if she pushed. So she took it easily, and I had a bit of a laugh at Catherine’s reaction to it. Though also a tinge of sadness as it clearly told us how Catherine was treated by the men in her life. The spark between them was just WOW. These two have a connection that I feel can last well into forever.

The sex scenes (and also the scenes were they just kissed) were very well written. They were sexy and steamy, but also not too much. If that makes sense. I guess I should say it isn’t too graphic. I have read some books with sex were you got EACH and EVERY detail. In this one it is done beautifully.
I had such a laugh though when the maid walked in on them sleeping together (just sleeping, but yes they were both naked) the first time. giggles

I wasn’t such a fan of the drama near the end (with Catherine being jealous, Priss popping up, them not talking at all, Lucy being doubtful). That is also why instead of the 5+ I wanted to rate this book I went to 5 stars. It was just too cringy and could all have been avoided if these two women had talked. If they had a conversation about their feelings. Catherine that she loves Lucy so much she wants to keep and yes she is jealous. Lucy that she feels at times that Catherine and her love isn’t going to stay because of the whole benefactor stuff. And Lucy could have told Catherine that there was no more love between her and Priss.
But thankfully the drama was solved in a sweet and special way and that made me happy again.

I was also just so pissed at Lucy’s brother and that guy from the society. What a couple of dicks.

The ending had me grinning like a lunatic, what a perfect way to end this book. I want to wish both Catherine and Lucy the best of luck in their endeavours, and I hope they are together forever.

Oh, and big plus points to the amazing cover! I love the colour that is used, and I love how well these two cover models fitted with the characters in the book.

I cannot wait for this writer’s next book, still many months to go, hopefully I can wait that long. 😛

I will end with that I could probably talk about this book much much more, but that I think this review is already long enough. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. A wonderful f/f historical romance that I am sure will be loved by many.

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