Review for The World at Night

Review for The World at Night

The World at Night, Night Sky, Dark, Babak TafreshiI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I JUST LOVE books about nightskies. Seeing all the stars twinkle in the sky, even on places with tons of light is just so magical. And it gets more magical when you go to place without any lightpollution. I recently read a book like this from my library and so I was eager to start a new one, namely this one.

Note, due to the text being itty bitty on my ADE I couldn’t read them. Instead I just focused on the gorgeous and beautiful photographs, and hot dang, those were gorgeous. The photographs are crisp and clear, yes this may seem weird, but I have had some photography books with photos being blurry/out of focus. But these were all just stunningly done. At times I wanted to touch my screen to see if I could go there.
We don’t just see stars and moons and volcanoes erupting, but we also see the northern light, oh wow. I so wish I could go to those places.
There also eclipses, and I loved that one of Lofoten Islands. Comets and meteor showers also make an appearance and I was glad they were included. I saw one (or two) in August during the Perseids (I believe it is called that). Not more, as that would have meant getting up wayyyy to early for my body. 😛 Maybe one day.
And then there were plenty of other cool and gorgeous stuff that happens at the night sky.

Btw, it was a delight to see Venice again. My hubby and I went there for our honeymoon in July, and it was just so stunning.

Yes, this is one book I would recommend to all. Stunning gorgeous photographs of the night sky. If it ever gets into one of my libraries (though probably translated, urgh), I may borrow it so I can read the text.

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