Review for Top Marks for Murder

Review for Top Marks for Murder

Top Marks for Murder, Young Adult, Robin Stevens, Mystery, Boarding School, Murder Most Unladylike #8, Coral/Red Cover, SilhouettesThe girls are back at Deepdean! But murder is always close to them.

I was delighted that we would finally go back to Deepdean again! I love the mysteries not taking place at Deepdean, really, but there is something special about boarding schools + mystery + murder!

The girls have a hard time adjusting, especially Daisy seems to have trouble with being back in a routine and having to learn all sorts of subjects she is just not interested in. Which I can definitely understand. Come on, they just solved mysteries and had tons of adventures, and now you have to go back to school again? The girls are definitely looking forward to being done with school, it means they are adults and can be detectives full time.
Not to mention that before they went away, Daisy was the queen bee of the school. But with her being absent so long people have forgotten about her, not to mention there is a new girl in town that people are fawning about. And Daisy has a big big ego, so imagine finding out that you can’t boss people around that much any more, that people aren’t looking up to you that much. It must have been a shock for Daisy, but I think it was definitely needed before she got too much in her head.

I loved seeing the other girls again and see how they changed. And I love that they finally dare to stand up for themselves. Not just with helping out with the detective society, but also with other things. They aren’t afraid any more to open their mouths and let Daisy know what they think about her bossing people around and not giving them a chance.

Hazel also showed more guts and bravery and I was happy that she is now really standing up for herself and not let Daisy just roll over her. She is my favourite girl out of our duo. I did feel sorry for her that her parents couldn’t be there during the anniversary, then again, getting to England from Hong Kong isn’t as easy as it is these days. It requires a long boat trip. Too long to get there on time.

The mystery and murders, oh my, they were so well written and I had so much fun detecting. Along with Daisy, Hazel, and the other girls. I had a checklist in my head with all the suspects and then crossing them off when they turned out innocent, or maybe even circling them some more when something very suspicious happened. Like our girls I was trying to make sense of the mystery, it was so well written. Once again Robin Stevens writes a mystery that isn’t easy to figure out. You really have to think, and then when you think you are close… boom twist or turn or something happens that totally flips around all you thought. I love it! It was also terribly exciting to read about what happened.

I loved that we saw Deepdean’s anniversary, sure, there was some chaos and some unhappiness and let’s not forget murder and mystery, but we also saw some other things that were so much fun. I loved how the school went all out for their anniversary.

Plus, I loved seeing the parents and seeing them interact. And even more fun… a lot of parents were from Deepdean or the nearby boy’s school.

I was happy to see our policeman again and see how he treated the girls like equals. Letting them handle things on their side and him doing stuff on his side. I loved that he talked to them, that he tried to discuss what was going on, and that he tried to help out. Of course, he still protected them, but not in a way that most adults would do.

Ah yes, the one thing I wasn’t a fan of was the new girl. Armena? Armina? Sorry, I totally forgot her name already. Later on I got to like her a bit more, but for most I found her a bit too nosy. I get that she wants to make friends, but to just lurk around or pop in the middle of a conversation.. eh no. Plus, she felt too much like a new Daisy, just nicer. 😛

I can’t wait for the next, and sadly final, book in this series. I can’t wait to see how the series will conclude and what the girls will do in it. What kind of mystery will we get? Murders? Stolen jewels? Something bigger? Oh my! I would also recommend this book to all.

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