Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 24-11-2019

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 24-11-2019


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Happy Sunday, happy weekend, and welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! What a week, filled with things and also filled with a body that isn’t sure if it should be sick or not (make up your mind already!). So I took rest here and there to make sure not to overdo it and I had 2 evenings all for myself to read, read and read. Though I also wanted to cram in some The Good Place, which is a show my hubby absolutely loves and he has recommended it to me quite a few times. I finally decided to try it out and I am loving it and would recommend it to all in search for a good and fun show.

What did I read from my TBR Pile? Are you ready for this? 😛 Dierendokter Pim (loved the guy and his stories), BAM (trains + Russia, I enjoyed this one a lot), Punk Rock and Mobile Homes (meh art, perverted things, not my cup of tea), Charlie Changes into a T-rex (hilarious book again, though where was the dinosaur?), Rebel Bicycle Club (ghosts, adventures, everything I wanted in a book), Echte dokters huilen ook (interesting and I couldn’t stop reading), Mees Kees Hoppa! (circus acts and real events, I had fun reading this one), Overleven op Tinder (never used Tinder but this was fabulous and fun), Knal die bal (a fun soccer book), Papa, waar blijf je? (OK-ish), Birthday (OMG OMG OMG flails).

I also tried Land van Raas, but I think I will just hope the English edition pops up someday in the library so I can see if English is better.

What did I read from my Kindle? Nothing. Not really into any of the books on my Kindle at the moment.

And here is a new stack of books that I hope to read this week, I got a couple of other books that I also want to read, but the books on the stack here are the ones that are my MUST READ NOW books. 🙂 I am about 1/2 into Olivia Waite’s book (goes slow but it is a great read).

And here we are at the end of the post again! Thank you all for reading and once again I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. I will probably do some cleaning, a dash of reading, and a lot of relaxing.
Let me know what your book plans are, or what you think I should read when I am done with Olivia’s book!

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