Waiting on Wednesday ~ Please Don’t Eat Me

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Please Don’t Eat Me

Hello all,

Evening all and a happy Wednesday to you all! Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday this time featuring a bunny and a bear~

I just ADORE Liz Climo’s books and I got quite a few of her books on my shelves. So I was squeeing in delight when I spotted a new book is coming out (and is now out in the world). A new picture book featuring the unlikeliest friends. A bunny and a bear. From what I can see the bunny is first afraid of the bear (hence the title) but then later they may become friends. And I can’t wait to read about that and see how it happens. Plus, I am curious if the bear does eat bunnies normally or if he eats something else entirely.

Please Don't Eat Me, Liz Climo, Green, Picnic, Pizza, Bear, Bunny, Text Balloon, Picture BooksWhen a carefree bunny is approached by a voracious bear in the woods, Bunny has just one request: “Please don’t eat me.”

But the bear has a never-ending list of requests, and Bunny realizes maybe Bear isn’t as hungry as he’d let on…maybe he just wants his new friend’s company for a while.

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