Library Haul 14-12-2019

Library Haul 14-12-2019

Hello all!

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Happy Saturday all, and welcome to a new Library #2 Haul! And what a haul it is~

I had a ton of books to bring back with me, thanks to being sick all week I had plenty of time to read. So I was looking forward to some new reading material as I am guessing next week will also be a calm week, don’t want to get sick again during Christmas.

I had 8 reservations waiting for me, but there were also a couple that were at the library somewhere. So first thing on the agenda was hunting those books. I had quite a bit of fun finding them, though I was also a bit angry at the library that it seemed to be such a problem for them to pick up these books. After that I walked around and I found the Children’s departments true comics section! I thought that the small box with a couple of comics was that which was located near the picture books, but nope. I found a treasure trove of comics to check out. While I was flipping through the comics I found 2 comics that I had reserved a month ago, and according to the library those comics weren’t existing anymore a week after my reservations were made. 😛

After that some more wandering around the library, which included seeing if a book I wanted to read was there (yes it was), then picking up my reservations, and trying to tetris them in my trolley.

Stats: 33 books. 10 picture books, 8 comics/GN, 1 non-fiction, 14 fiction.

NOTE: Many of the books aren’t on Goodreads, will add them when I get to reading them.

De verschrikkelijke mega-tempel by Cube Kid
Nederzettingen by Sanneke van Hassel
The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Birthday by Eric Carle
The Parent Agency by David Baddiel
Princess BMX by Marie
Meiden met een missie by Isabelle de Ridder
Elin by Thea Stilton
Contender: The Chosen by Taran Matharu
De jongen achter in de klas by Onjali Q Rauf
Mini en de verrassing voor oma by Kitty Crowther
Why Mummy Swears by Gill Sims
Zonder publiek by Marjolein Beumer
Handboek voor superhelden 3 by Elias & Agnes Vählund
Prins Kikkerkop by Kaye Umansky

Animal Farm GN by George Orwell
Vrouwen in ‘t wit 41 by Bercovici
Jojo 18 by Geerts
Flip 1 by Ritstier
Koning Snotneus by Lewis Trondheim, Fabrice Parme
BFF’s 8 by Philippe Fenech
The Champions by ?
Sasmira 2 by Laurent Vicomte, Claude Pelet
Een steen voor Sacha by Aaron Becker
Berenknuffels by Przemyslaw Wechterowicz
Meneer beer houdt van kleur by Virginie
Iedereen is anders geboren by ?
Jij bent bijzonder by Sam
Dunya by Monique Westenberg
Wout wil niet by Marijke Klompmaker
Vlieg! by ?
Het kattenmannetje by Janneke Schotveld
Coole kikkers by ?
Ik wou dat ik een vogel was by Frann Preston-Gannon

2 thoughts on “Library Haul 14-12-2019

    1. Libraries are wonderful! Plenty of food for us bookworms. Thank you!
      The gif is from the anime Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (and specifically this one).

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