Library Haul 21-12-2019

Library Haul 21-12-2019

Hey all!

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Welcome to a new Library #2 Haul! Thankfully my body is mostly better (though still not 100%) and I could visit Library #2 again. I could use some new books in my life, plus I wanted to see if I could find some cute Xmas picture books or children’s books as Xmas is ALMOST HERE! Eep~

I only had one reservation waiting, no new books were added to their collection this week, and the reservations I have are all still out. However, I did get one book I reserved from a librarian when I went to the children’s books section. Apparently they recognise me now and know I am the one for that book. She even had some info on other reserved books, so yay, now I know that for some I got to wait a bit longer. I was a bit startled though, as I was looking for books and suddenly there was the picture book I was looking forward to being held in front of me. 😛 Sneaky librarian! 😉

I had quite some fun wandering around the library and checking various spots. I found quite a few nice looking books + 2 new Elsje that I haven’t read before. I can’t wait to start reading them.

Oh, and I am so excited about my reservation (De verleiding), I have been waiting for over a month for that one. does a virtual dance as she can’t do a real one at the moment

Stats: 16 books. 9 picture books, 4 fiction, 3 comics.

NOTE: Most of these aren’t on Goodreads, will add them when I read them. And if I don’t forget I will update the list.

Evie and the Animals by Matt Haig, Emily Gravett
De verleiding by Stine Jensen
Pas op voor die oliebol! by Selma Noort
Zoek Momo by Andrew Knapp

FCBD 2019: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Striker Force 7 by Merrill Hagan, Jeevan J. Kang
Elsje 8 by Gerben Valkema, Eric Hercules
Elsje 2 by Gerben Valkema, Eric Hercules
Binnen geen spinnen by Jacob Grant
De allerleukste dag ooit by Seb Braun
De wereld rond in elk voertuig by Duncan Beedie
Beer, Vogel en Kikker by Gwen Millward
Een heel jaar feest by Guy Daniëls, Dominique Mertens
Dikkie Dik viert kerstmis by Jet Boeke
Fijn kerstfeest by Jorgen Hofmans, Camila Fialkowski
De kleine kerstboom by Ruth Wielockx
De zeven kersttruitjes by Jan Fearnley

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