Library Haul 28-12-2019 (Library #2 + #3 Combined)

Library Haul 28-12-2019 (Library #2 + #3 Combined)

Evening all!

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Welcome all to a new Library #2 + #3 Haul! Today it was time to visit Library #3 but I also wanted to visit Library #2 for some new books (plus I had one reservation and it costs money if you don’t pick it up in time).

First up Library #2. Bringing back a whole lot of my books, really, I had +/-20 books to bring back. 😛 Then looking around at several spots in the library. Today’s spots included the new (or as new as it could be) adult fiction/non-fiction, the picture book section, and the comic books at the Children’s department. And I found several nice books from those three spots. \o/ Picking up my reservation last, and then heading back to the car to go to Library #3.

At Library #3 my hubby brought back my old books while I looked around at the new adult fiction/non-fiction to see if maybe there was something fun to find. I ended up picking 3 books. Sadly, the Children’s/YA section and then especially the English books once again held nothing, I am getting seriously sad about it that it is constantly such a disappointment. They just don’t seem to add a lot of new Children’s/YA English books. 😐 If they add anything it is the same ones I see at Library #2, and back when I had other libraries also at those. Just do like Library #1 and add something nobody else has. Shouldn’t be so hard.

So I went back to the comics/graphic novel section, which had some books, but sadly was also a disappointment. I am still happy I got some books at library #3, but 7?? That is just not a lot. 🙁

Hopefully next time I visit Library #3 I can get more books, maybe even getting to the limit of 12 books again. hopes

Stats: 13 books at Library #2, 7 at Library #3 = 20 books in total. 5 non-fiction, 10 graphic novel/comics, 5 picture books.

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Rouwdoula by Patty Dujin
Srebenica overleven by Hasan Hasanovic
Tom Carbon 4 by Luc Cromheecke
Tom Carbon 5 by Luc Cromheecke
Man en paard geven zich bloot by Mestrik
Kort & Triest 3 by Jean-Marc van Tol
Kort & Triest 4 by Jean-Marc van Tol
Ga nu slapen, Lotte by Libby Gleeson, Freya Blackwood
De grote boze brul by ?
Verboden sneeuwballen te gooien by Tjibbe Veldkamp, Kees de Boer
Op ontdekking by Marc van de Griendt
De tijger in mij by Marieke van Difshuizen
Jane, de vos & ik by Fanny Britt, Isabelle Arsenault

De gekste plek van België by Jeroen van der Spek
Ze zitten achter mijn vrouw aan! by Jelle Reijngoudt
Dagboek van een weddingplanner by Lotte van den Hout
Verdwaald by Shamisa Debroey
Rimpels by Paco Roca
Kort & Triest #2 by Jean-Marc van Tol
Vierenveertig na Ronny by Michaël Olbrechts

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