Library Haul 30-12-2019

Library Haul 30-12-2019

Evening all!

Welcome to a new Library #1 haul, and the last library for 2019~ It feels so weird to say that. 😛

Today I was FINALLY well enough to step on my bicycle and visit Library #1 again, though I can tell you my body is pretty fried now. But hey I got a whole stack of books. dances

It was quite quiet in the library, which was very nice. I don’t mind some noise, but sometimes the library is just too busy and too full with noise for me. I visited several of my favourite spots and found plenty of new books to read. I was very delighted to see Starfell as I only just added it to my 2020 shelves on Goodreads yesterday (apparently an edition came out in 2019 as well), so that was a lovely surprise. Also happy with Er was Eens as I have been hoping to read that books since it came out. So yep, lots of fun surprises and happiness. Yes, I did a few happy dances, I just couldn’t resist.

Oh, and apparently my library card broke, really no clue how as that thing is hard plastic + mostly in my wallet. But I am not feeling sad about it as they new card is gorgeous. Two bright colours (red/pink + yellow) so it stands out between all my other library cards which are mostly the standard form of card (Gray/black with maybe a dash of something different on some cards).

Stats: 7 books. 1 comic, 6 fiction.

Pog by Padraig Kenny
The Twitches Meet a Puppy by Hayley Scott, Pippa Curnick
Darius de Grote is niet oké by Adib Khorram
Er was eens by Jen Minkman
The Garden of Lost Secrets by A.M. Howell
Willow Moss the Lost Day by Dominique Valente
Dagboek van Cerise 2 by Joris Chamblain, Aurélie Neyret

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