Review for Around the World in Every Vehicle

Review for Around the World in Every Vehicle

Duncan Beedie, Camper, Traffic Light, Vehicles, Helicopter, Sky, Globe, Animals, Picture Books, Around The World in Every Vehicle, Amber Stewart,A delightful book in which we travel alongside of Family Van Trip and see the world and vehicles.

I read this book in Dutch and so my review will feature the Dutch names for the family as I have no clue what the English names are.

This was a very fun book, even more fun than I had thought it would be~ This one doesn’t only show all kinds of vehicles throughout the world, but also show the world and what you can find in various countries throughout. We follow a family of red pandas named Van Trip (mom, dad, Nick and Daisy) who are about to go on the journey of a lifetime. They are about to travel the world! For part in a camper along with grandparents and for part flying and driving when they get to the respective country. I just LOVED the trip the family had, oh boy, I would have loved to go along with them, though I would probably puke out my guts within an hour. Motion sickness for the lose. 🙁

The family was really sweet and fun and I loved seeing all they did in each country, how close they were and how, despite being quite close to each other on each journey (I just can’t imagine it all be happy happy when you are so close quarters to someone) they seemed to never argue. Instead it was all fun, games, and sightseeing.

I loved seeing the various vehicles of each country but also see vehicles that were in the same categories for other countries. I was just so happy when I saw a Dutch tram in the list.

I loved maps and I loved seeing various parts from each country.

The art was also very fabulous, I love the style of it. It is bright and fun!

All in all, this book is perfect for kids to learn about the world and about vehicles. There is something for everyone! Recommended.

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