Review for Aurora Rising

Review for Aurora Rising

Aurora Rising, Aurora Cycle, AMie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff, Stars, Universe, Girl, Two coloured Eyes, Young Adult, White Streak in Hair, Black Hair, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Purple“Believe me, handsome, one of me is way more than you can handle.”
“I think… I’m gonna be sick,” Lachlan declares.
“I know the feeling,” Cat sighs.
“No, seriously,” he burps. “Where’s the… bathroom?”
Inside said bathroom, the five of us exchange a brief, horrified glance.”

Another one of my MOST ANTICIPATED reads of 2019 and thankfully I finally had the chance to read this book when I won it in a giveaway!

I want to write a review but I am still all confuzzled and overflowing with emotions about this book. There is so much that happens, plot twists here and there that will make you gasp and think x happens when then later you find y happening.

We have a whole squad of characters and I loved all of them in varying degrees. My favourite character? Cat, quickly followed by Scarlett. Then Tyler, Aurora, Kal, Fin, and lastly Zila. Zila gets the least of the spotlight, but her actions in the other parts just had me scratching my head and not being happy with her at times. I get that she is a genius, I get that she has a hard time connecting to people, but come on…
Cat was just a kick-ass girl and I loved her from the start. She was snarky, fun, cute, and I fell in love with her. She was never afraid and she had a fun attitude. Plus, come on kickass flyer girl? I love that! Scarlett was the same, kickass, but when she started her diplomatic things… oh wow that girl was smooth. I loved how she could just switch between modes and how awesome she was at negotiating and being a diplomat.
Then we have Tyler, the leader of the squad and a tough but also very sweet guy. I loved how dedicated he was to the squad, to everything, but how he also decided to forego things to save people and go on a mission. He didn’t always have it easy, which I could understand.
Aurora, the girl that Tyler rescued. A girl who has been stuck in cyro for 200 years and who finds out she has some new amazing powers (though for most of the book she is either asleep or unconscious when it happens). We see how she is trying to adapt to the new situation of being in space and also being 200+ years old and how she is trying to get used to those new powers.
Then we have Fin and Kal left. I wasn’t very sure about either of them, but they both grew on me. Fin turned out to be a very great guy and Kal turned out to be quite sweet (though very very stoic).

I loved the romance, and I am so happy that it didn’t end up being Aurora x Tyler. I was already worried that might be happening as that is how it generally goes in YA. Boy finds girl, they fall in love. But Tyler already has a girl he likes and who likes him. Though it is pretty awkward between them due to Tyler being the squad leader.
I loved how Fin wasn’t partial to gender and was drooling over both of the twins (Tyler and Scarlett), that made me very happy. We always need some more presentation on the bi front.
Just like with Illuminae, the romance parts just fitted perfectly in the story. It never felt too much, in fact it gave something sweet and fluffy to the story. And we could definitely use that as the story continues.

And there was just SO MUCH to the story. Our crew is protecting Aurora and figuring out what is going on with her, someone is after her, or a whole group. With each part of the story we figure out more and more about who or what and what is going on. And with it the story becomes so exciting that, while I already couldn’t stop reading, I totally couldn’t stop reading and I just got glued to the story further. Aurora going in power mode and see what she could do and what she could see, WOW.
We see that our squad doesn’t always have it easy with protecting Aurora. Which I could understand and I love that it was added. We see that there are arguments between the members and they are trying to decided if protecting Aurora is worth it.. or not.

I loved that we also get some extra information on the world and how it works. What kind of squad members you had and what they did. Parties that went totally over the top, and more. Plus, I had a big laugh at Aurora’s glass thingie (gotten from Tyler) that constantly felt the need to talk when there was a tense situation. How at first one of them would shout that the thing should go to Silent Mode, but then eventually everyone did it at the same time.

The worldbuilding in this book is pretty dang amazing. We read about various places around the galaxy, about Earth, about what races/aliens are around in the galaxy, about wars that happened and that ended or are still going (and I am guessing that we will see more of those in the next books), about the school our MC’s (not Aurora though) went to and all they learned there.

There is so much backstory on each of the characters. Quite often books with so many characters tend to get kind of lost on details or have some characters just be a bit of a cardboard cut out, but with this one? Sure, Zila still has a lot that needs to be answered. But every other character got a backstory, we see what makes them tick, how they feel, and they came to life for me.

Also, don’t be tricked by anything you read! There are some very trickery parts were I thought x was happening but actually it was something totally different!

The ending, them finding that planet, what they found there, and all that went down. It was creepy as hell, but also had me crying so so much. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I will just keep it to this, but bring tissues.

So this book was just amazing. I could probably talk more and more about it. Because WOW. It has adventure, action, powers that are mysterious, fantastic characters, a dash of romance, space, it will make you laugh and cry and curse. Yes, this is one book I would highly recommend. Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff have done it once again. They wrote an epic story and one that is going to be continued for hopefully quite a few books.

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