Review for Cat Carrier Tango

Review for Cat Carrier Tango

Curl Up with a Cat Tale #4, Gwen Cooper , Cat Carrier Tango: A Short Story, Purple, Cat, Carrier Bag, Gray Cat, Short Story, Humour,Cats, cats, and chaos!

I thought these would be a bit longer, I hadn’t expected it to be just 30 pages. 😛 But the format was, in the end, just perfect. I do hope that one day the author will combine all her cat stories together. 🙂

A hilarious (and slight eye-rolling) short story about a woman and three cats and a vet appointment and the chaos that comes with that (rain, getting lost, gypsy cabs, losing phones, having angry cats). We see her go through the city with tons of trouble and accidents.

The cats weren’t amused, and I could definitely understand. She is taking so long, and it is raining, and OMG vet NOPE.

I do love reading about her cats and also about her life, as we also snippets of that as the story continues. I had a laugh at how she smuggled out the cats out of her cat/pet-free apartment in a giant ass coat and how someone thought she was pregnant. 😛

Plus points to the very adorable cover, I wonder how long it took for this picture to make. Knowing cats either very fast or days of bribing with treats.

But dear lord this woman wasn’t smart. Three cats, and instead of just cancelling the appointment and making a new one when her lover can help out, she sets out to go out. She only checked Google Maps once, never after that, and didn’t even care to check the site of the vet (generally vets have sites and otherwise you can find at least a page with some information). And after that just keep your phone out with google maps, it has directions.. And if you can’t do that or your phone crashes, plus, she could have called the vet practice and ask them about the address/directions. And otherwise there are always people on the street that can help.

But she reached the end of the day and had a wonderful sandwich, I had a bit of a laugh at how her lover continued on and on about Zeta-Jones and how the cats retaliated. 😛

But other than that, I definitely want to read more of these short stories and I will be getting them soon. 🙂 I love cats, and I love humour and I could use some more short stories in my life.

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