Review for Days of Sugar and Spice

Review for Days of Sugar and Spice

Days of Sugar and Spice, Loïc Clément, Anne Montel, Graphic Novel, Bakery, House, Streetlight, Cat, Plants,I received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This is a beautifully written and illustrated graphic novel about a woman who inherits her father’s bakery. However she doesn’t have the fondest memories of him as he kicked her and her mom out when she was a kid. That does sound pretty bad, right? Not really something you want to constantly remember. And so we see her go between wanting to stay (because of her auntie, because of a man she has known since childhood (but hasn’t seen in 20 years), because she likes baking) and wanting to go (to her friends, to her apartment, to her life). It was quite interesting to see her try to decide, and I also loved seeing what she did to the bakery. She didn’t just make it a bakery but she made it something more. She added something that the town so desperately needed. She had some great ideas. The town is dying and she is seeing it as a mission to help out.

She finds a diary, and later on in the book gets the missing pages from her auntie… including some very big truths about her mom and her dad. She finds out that maybe it wasn’t only her dad’s fault. She finds out that her mom wasn’t having any clean hands in the matter at all. And then there is a truth about herself. Something that had me shocked.

I loved how with each page we got to know the MC and the village more and more. And the ending was just magnificent and had me crying a bit.

I wasn’t a fan of the kitties. It seemed silly and distracted from the story.

Like with many graphic novels or comics the text was hard to read and at times I just had to stop reading to do something else. My eyes just don’t like reading on a pc, and it would help if Netgalley/publishers made sure that their books are good to read. It shouldn’t be too hard.

Sorry for the chaotic review, my eyes are burning and I really need to read a non-computer book or just rest my eyes a bit.

I would recommend this book to everyone. I am sure it will be loved by many. It is about loss, about finding truths and how to handle them, finding love, finding a place to belong, and more. The art is lovely, and I was a big fan of it.

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